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As you read the following links on current Food Web research, consider how the theory and findings may apply to other non-biological systems – for example, business and industrial networks. Do formal food-web studies suggest ways to approach sustainability in the food system?

“Food Web Stability” by Gary R. Huxel “…recent data on interaction strengths in natural food webs indicate that food web interaction strengths are indeed characterized by a large number of weak interactions and a few strong interactions”

Steven Harper at the Savannah River Ecology Lab in North Carolina

Ito and Ikegami: “Evolutionary Dynamics of a Food Web with Recursive Branching and Extinction”

Food Chains, Webs, and the Cybernetic Ecosystem

Cutting Edge: Food Web Theory

Food Web Terms

Food web composition - % carnivore

Autocoorelation as Terroir? Food Web Dynamics in Correlated and Autocorrelated Environments – Ripa and Ives

Using Formal “food Web Theory” to approach analysis of the Human Food system - applicable language in Modeling Food Web Interactions: A conceptual framework and applications for managing native-nonnative assemblages by David Beauchamp :

Ecology of Food Webs PDF File – download is automatic

Supply Web - The Whonome (Big Fish eats Little Fish) chart (pdf file with good images that translate well to supply chains)

Even treeholes have food webs

Ruminants play a role in food webs

Vermont's Restaurant Food Web

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