what unusual crafts do you do?

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What unusual crafts does everyone do? The tea bag folding was an interesting one. I do needle felting and some wet felting. I am learning how to Spinn wool. I am always interested in new and unusual crafts. I leave the knitting and sewing to my mom who does it so well. Ann

-- shepherdess (amulet@istar.ca), May 03, 2002


What a fun question! I can't wait to see all the answers. I don't know if anything I do is really unusual, but I like to make recycled paper. I haven't found too many uses for it yet, but my husband had teased me that we could use it for toilet paper when Y2K hit. I also make pinecone firestarters with salvaged wax. Everyone saves there burnt-down candles for me now. I easily tire of new crafts, so I have to keep them as cheap as possible! Merry

-- Merry (biggdogg@wcta.net), May 03, 2002.

I do Pergamano. Very few people know about it here but it is popular in England, Japan and Austrilia. It is a type of embossing on parchment paper. You can see some examples from a previous post I did. Just click here.

I also do scrapbooking, knitting, quilting, embossing, and pottery (but since I moved I don't have access to a wheel or kiln any more).

-- Karen (mountains_mama@hotmail.com), May 03, 2002.

The main craft I do is crocheting rugs, but I have started tying trout flies for my fishing family and am really enjoying it. I pick up feathers from my guineas and banties to use and try to look at lots of real bugs that I can try to duplicate! Mona Lea in Southeast Missouri

-- Mona Lea (monalea@hotmail.com), May 03, 2002.

Knit, spin, felt, make soap, do some beading. I don't do any of them as much as I would like.

-- Susan in MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), May 03, 2002.

Mona, I would like to make some crochet rugs, I've crocheted a lot of things but not rugs-where would be a good place to get info on that?

I guess I don't really do any unusual crafts-just plain old sewing quilting, knitting ext.

-- Kelly (homearts2002@yahoo.com), May 03, 2002.

The paper craft looks like it takes lots of talent the t I do not have. It is beautiful. to say I do sheeps milk soap too. Wich i guess is a little unusual.

-- shepherdess (amulet@istar.ca), May 04, 2002.

I make Klingon Teddy Bears! :-) Yeah, really! If you want to see them, click here:

Klingon Teddy Bears

I designed the headpieces myself, and make them using latex and a plaster of paris mold. It's fun!

-- Cheryl in KS (klingonbunny@planetkc.com), May 04, 2002.

great bears. I entered the contest I hope I win. MY hubby posted some picks of some of my felted stuff over on the other Country side we got to I will have to see if I can find it and post a link.

-- shepherdess (amulet@istar.ca), May 04, 2002.

Hi, I'm louise and I hand-illustrate onto crafts, ranging from milkcans, door slates, pet plaques, tinware and many more. The list is practically endless! The crafts can be adapted for all ocassions - christening, wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

I have recently set up my new website - www.llcrafts.co.uk - and if anyone would like a ‘wee peek’ at it, feel free.

Kind Regards Louise

-- Louise Lester (info@llcrafts.co.uk), December 16, 2004.

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