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When making a prediction using "Lunacology" (Frank's terminology, not mine), please be sure to comply with the following criteria:

1) Predictions should be made at least 3 weeks in advance.

2) Specify the market for which you are making a prediction.

3) Identify your target date(s).

4) Describe the activity to occur.

5) Define the time-frame in which your prediction will unfold.

6) Correlate the market's activity with your prediction.

Here's how it's done.

May 7 and 8 - Mars in the 2nd (money) opposes Neptune (illusions) in the 8th (debts, shared resources), followed by Neptune retrograde in the 11th. This will be the time that you'll smell the fear in the air as fantasies give way to confusion and doubt. Lots of difficult activity in the money houses.

The influence of Mars will be felt a day or two before and after the dates indicated. The effects of all other slower moving "outer" planets can be felt for a week or so before and after but will be strongest on the dates indicated.

Sunday, May 7 - Markets are closed.

Monday, May 8 - Nasdaq closed down 147 points.

Tuesday, May 9 - Nasdaq closed down 84 points.

CNN displayed this blurb on tv today: "Valuation fears slam tech stocks driving the Nasdaq down 2.2%."

Stocks fall on rate fears...

Rate fears depress US stocks

And it looks like the worst is yet to come.

(For the astrologers: We're now within a week's range of the Saturn (loss)/Uranus (shake-up) square (difficulty) on May 13th.)

Okay, Frank - your turn! Show us what 'ya got, Big Guy! (And please don't try a weasel maneuver by picking a date I've already identified.)

-- LunaC (, May 09, 2000


Uh Lunacy,

In case you've forgotten, my prediction using Lunacology was for this week! (See the earlier thread to refresh your memory) As I've copied from Yahoo,

Dow 10536.75 -66.88 (-0.63%)

Nasdaq 3585.01 -84.37 (-2.30%)

Thank you for reminding me that Lunacology was right on the money. How can you argue with that? And I could give you the explantation, but to someone uninitiated in Lunacology, it would take too long. Remember, "astrology" just makes guesses, but as a SCIENCE, Lunacology accurately predicts the future.


-- Someone (, May 09, 2000.

Frank, you disappoint me! I was hoping you'd be Man enough to drop the silliness and rise to the challenge. Regretfully you failed to meet the criteria for your previous (ahem) "prediction" so why don't you step up back to the plate and try again playing by the rules. Otherwise, Frank, everyone might think you were a (gasp) phoney and that you were too cowardly to match your predictive skills with astrology!

Then again, a Real Man would admit that his perspective and conclusion regarding astrology just might be wrong (especially when faced with such consistent evidence.)

So...what's it going to be, Frank? The honorable or the sleazy path? Enquiring minds want to know!

-- LunaC (, May 09, 2000.

Uh Lunacy,

Would you mind cut & pasting just what the h@ll it is you're referring to? In my previous post (linked by you) I said,

For now however, wait until this Friday (through next week of course) when Lunacology shows a "full insertion" about to occur causing a drop in the stock market.

The "this Friday" was the Friday that just passed, and now this is "next week". As I earlier posted, the foreign markets had already dropped THE DAY I PREDICTED, and the DOW and NASDAQ have dropped in time frame as well.

Why don't YOU be a "real human" and apologize to both me and the SCIENCE of Lunacology for your offensive remarks?


P.S. Quit being so bigotted to your non-functional "astrology" just because you have so much time invested in it. Why not expand your world-view and try to understand the truth of Lunacology?

P.P.S. Did you have a specific date you wanted to make a prediction on, head to head, Lunacology vs. "astrology"? You pick the date and the market and take your shot. Then I'll tell you what will REALLY happen, or if you prefer, I'll tell you what will happen, and you can parrot something similar -- it's all the same to me. -F

-- Someone (, May 10, 2000.

Alas, Lost Seeker, there is no merit to cowardly sleaze. Go forth unto the mountainside, hang thine head in shame and pray for deliverance of testicles for thou art woefully a mere wisp of a man worthy of ridicule and in need of a brain.

Peace be with you Child.

Amen and adieu.

-- LunaC (, May 10, 2000.

I do enjoy a hearty laugh in the morning. Thank you Luna.

Disclaimer: the above statement in no way endorses nor denies the effectiveness of Astrology, Lunacology, castration, implantation of reproductive or other organs, nor science in general.

-- Bingo1 (, May 10, 2000.



I knew that for all your bile and malice when push came to shove you wouldn't have the guts to directly pit your "belief" in "astrology" against the Scientific Fact of Lunacology.

Crawl back on your belly to where you came from,


-- Someone (, May 10, 2000.

I subscribe to the disclaimers expressed by Bingo1. However, I would observe that the significance of the word "fear" appearing in the above quoted headlines is perhaps being overstated, as the following recent Yahoo headlines also contain that word.

From May 3, Dow Ends Down 251, Bonds Off on Rate Fear

From April 27, Growth, Wage Pressures Fan Rate Fears

From April 26, Stocks Slide on Interest Rate Fears

On any day that the stock market drops significantly, it wouldn't be surprising for at least one financial article somewhere to attribute this to "fear."

-- David L (, May 10, 2000.

David - You're missing the point! Even if you omit the word "fear" the prediction was correct, a fact that Frank is loathe to admit.

(And I'm glad I gave some of you a chuckle. I've done my Good Deed for the day ;-)

-- LunaC (, May 10, 2000.

LunaC, am I to understand that by putting the word "fear" in bold, your intent was not emphasis, but deemphasis?

-- David L (, May 10, 2000.


When are YOU going to admit that my Lunacology predetermination of the future was correct?

Awaiting your response and apology for insulting the Science of Lunacology,


-- Someone (, May 10, 2000.

David - I was hoping to spare you an elaborate explanation in my previous post to you...(chuckle)

Yes, from an astrological standpoint it was my intent to emphasize "fear" primarily because of its association with the planet Neptune's involvement with the day's activities. In other predictions I've made when Neptune wasn't present, the word fear wasn't used because it wasn't appropriate for the actions I anticipated. That the talking heads and news reports attributed the fear to concern over interest rates and that Neptune is specifically connected with "debts" (where the interest rate would be a factor) I felt it was appropriate to include the news references that I did.

Fear (Neptune) of interest rates (8th house of debts) caused "difficulty (opposition) in the money houses" (Mars in the 2nd house)...certainly not a suggestion that the market would surge upwards! ;-) But as I've said, even if you eliminate the word fear as the reason for the decline, the prediction was nevertheless correct. The market retreated within the time frame I pinpointed more than three weeks ago.

(And thank you for being so polite with your inquiry!)

-- LunaC (, May 10, 2000.


I stumbled into a "serious" cat and dog fight.


-- consumer (, May 10, 2000.

Wow...three bursts of laughter/good deeds! That's a pretty good karmic deposit for the day, wouldn't you say? lol

-- LunaC (, May 10, 2000.

Good prediction, ...really goes down well with the humour.

Libra rules.... I think. :^)

-- Will (, May 10, 2000.

Will - you are either very wise or exceptionally good at sucking-up. lol In either case, thank you!

-- LunaC (, May 10, 2000.

Hey Lunacy,

Dow 10367.78 -168.97 (-1.60%)

Nasdaq 3384.73 -200.28 (-5.59%)

My Lunacology prediction is really going strong, huh? I bet you feel like a fool (at least you already had the hat!)


-- Someone (, May 11, 2000.


Oh yes! I am oh so very wise(giggle)... Libra I.. the book says "simply put theses people are the most attractive and intelligent of the year."

I'm sure I would never suck-up, more like build-up, thats my style... I like empathy too.

-- Will (, May 12, 2000.

Will - Is Libra your Ascendant or Sun sign? (I've got both in Libra! Never ask me to make a snap'll wait forever for an answer as I weigh the many options. It's a bitch in restaurants! lol)

Glad to see you're getting into it. Let me know if I can be of any help or answer any questions.

-- LunaC (, May 12, 2000.

I am a complete novice in astrology.

Libra is my sun sign (9/26) I've been clicking around and I see I need a natal chart and time of birth to determine ascendant, am I right? I used the links that you gave me (thank you) but I did not find a chart, I do know my birth time is roughly 10:20 PST. One piece I read about Libra ascendant seemed accurate, I do know that if I make a snap decision it's probably going to have a questionable outcome!

-- Will (, May 14, 2000.

A natal chart is important to have so go the link I just gave you and enter your birth town. Select your city from the next page and it will then take you to the page where you can enter the rest of your birth data. Hit "continue" on the bottom of the page and it will create a chart for you. Once you have your chart you can apply the meanings of the planets, signs, and houses to yourself.

Once you have the latitude and longitude info from the link above, this site will do a free interpretation for you. Have fun!

-- LunaC (, May 14, 2000.

Thanks LunaC, I did have fun.

I followed that link before and had some problems, a browser conflict I suspect. I tried again and met with more luck. It looks like I am ascendant in Scorpio. The Chart generated says "Ascendant in Scorpio and 12th House: ..."

I am struck by how I match my chart, it is a source of pride and painful truth. A couple years ago I started importing new age products, and I met this person that saw me struggling to come to terms with where I was. This person did a reading that proved to be a watershed for me, helping me along. It seems that I'm needing more now, can you recommend any books please that show how to accomplish a reading? :)

-- Will (, May 14, 2000.

Will - If you plan on studying astrology it's a big help to have a program that will help determine the various aspects so all you have to do is worry about the interpretation.

Win* star Express> is a free downloadable 30-day fully functional program that's very user-friendly, "intuitive", and it won't fill up your hard-drive or make your computer crash. -g- It zips up charts in a flash and you can have the natal/transits/progressions in a tri-wheel right on the screen so you get a better "visual" of where the planets are and how they're all interacting. You can also set a certain time parameter and it will print out a list of all the upcoming transits. I've used a lot of astro programs but this one - hands down - is the one I prefer and it's not THAT expensive (and well worth every penny.) It's worth a try even if you only use it for the free 30 days.

As for books, two of the best in helping you understand how predictive astrology works are: Planets in Transit by Robert Hand and Predictive Astrology by Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker. These references will include several explanatory paragraphs for all the different aspects between planets and it will give you a better "feel" for how events are likely to unfold. The book by Hand is probably still around but I'm not sure if the Sakoian book is still in print. HTH

-- LunaC (, May 14, 2000.


I agree with LunaC on the Robert Hand book. Go to and you may be able to pick up the book there. I have met Hand and he is quite an interesting character-And an insigthtful writer.

I also recommend highly "The Twelve Houses" by Howard Sasportas. I picked it up in a local Barnes and Noble. Also, anything at all by Liz Greene is well worth reading.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), May 15, 2000.

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