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I thought it might be interesting to do a recap/analysis of the Nasdaq predictions I made on April 15th. (In the middle of the Vindication thread)

Comments and additional insights/interpretations are welcome from my fellow astrologers/numerologists (and even the skeptics in the peanut gallery too!) I originally posted these aspects as a learning experience for all of us. ===========================

" Monday morning (April 17th) Nasdaq will open with Venus (money,values) opposition (difficulty) Uranus (unexpected, unsettling) in the 7th (international partners). Watch the international markets and their effect on U.S. trading. "

- The foreign markets plummeted prior to Monday's opening. While the U.S. market didn't continue the nose dive from the previous Blood-Bath Friday, it was nevertheless extremely volatile throughout the day revealing the "shaky" and uncertain influence of Uranus. ==========

"But don't expect to hear the full story until Mercury (communication, news) is opposite Uranus on Thursday. "Unsettling information" is the key concept here with the Sun also squaring Mercury in the 11th (the masses). Joe Public generally doesn't react well to bad news so look for the Little Guys to be getting out of the market.

- Late, late, LATE Thursday (or 3am Friday, if you want to be exact, but still within the realm of Mercury's influence) news was released that the Tokyo market plunged 700 points. It was also reported that there were problems with Microsoft earnings. (sorry no link - just my personal notes from the evening news and the talking heads.)

- Friday the U.S. market was closed due to the Easter holiday but bright and early Monday morning (April 24) the Nasdaq once again began its freefall. =========

" Tuesday (April 18th) we have Mars (the trigger) in the 2nd (money) squaring natal Sun in the 11th (the masses) and Wednesday (April 19th) Mars will be squaring transiting Uranus in the 11th. LOTS of difficult energy being directed to the 11th house of the masses, hopes, dreams and goals. I expect more selling as folks feel more and more unsettled and uncertain. "

- As I've often pointed out, an inner planet's effect can be strongly felt a day or so before and after the actual aspect. On both Wednesday and Thursday, the Nasdaq closed down. The market was closed Friday for the Easter holiday but the momentum of the downtrend continued into Monday's trading with a drop of -161 ==========

"April 30 - Saturn (loss) in the 2nd (money) square Sun in the 11th (the masses). Expect another dip around this time. Pessimism abounds. "

- April 30th was a Sunday but even so I'd expect a drop in Monday's closing. It didn't happen...not until today, anyway. In the previous week there seemed to be a slight delay from the time the aspect was exact to the time the market reacted and this is probably a factor here as well, especially with Saturn being an outer and slower moving planet. Nevertheless, the reaction was still within "range" although not close enough for day-traders to be comfortable. ==========

Tuesday, May 2nd - Enjoy a brief rally as Mars in the 2nd (money) trines (benefits) Pluto (change). This will probably be a shortlived enthusiasm.

- If Mars is acting as the "trigger" and its influence is felt a day before and after the actual aspect, this may explain why Monday's closing was in the positive range rather than the negative. This brief spurt was cut short as today's price was down -172 with Sunday's Saturn's effect kicking in to suppress it. (Interesting cross-current of energies occuring!)

With Saturn being the predominant influence now I'd expect the rest of the week to continue with a downward trend especially with the April 14th Saturn Return still looming in the background.

-- LunaC (, May 02, 2000


No points for highnsight or weird explainations! You've got to get it right, without explaination, with some consistancy.

Otherwise, like the rest of us, you are just guessing.

-- E.H. Porter (Just, May 02, 2000.

Hey -- Luna put her work and "rep" on the line back on January 31, 2000 by calling a market plunge fro paril 14 -- which was the day that gave NASDAQ a nasty case of the runs. Worst point drop in history I do believe it was. Good enough for me. The real question is not the recap, LUNA, but what gives for tomorrow and the rest of the week. You posted this over at the EZ Board (aka Solipsism Central) but I can't find it in the mish-mash there. Care to repost?



-- (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), May 02, 2000.

EH - It's a common mistake for non-astrologers to think that the planets somehow "lock" into position and all kinds of things happen as a result but unfortunately that isn't how it works. Imagine yourself sitting in traffic and you hear the sound of an ambulance siren off in the distance. As it gets closer and closer the sound gets louder until it's right on top of you...and then it slowly fades away the same way it arrived. The influence of the planets work much the same way which is why astrologers work - for the most part - within time *frames* of reference.

As for "hindsight", I posted my April 14 prediction at the end of January while the above predictions were posted on April 15th in the middle of the Vindication thread as noted in the beginning of this post. I intentionally posted them publically specifically for skeptics such as yourself.

As for "guesses": Why don't you go ahead and post your own guesses and at the end of the summer we'll see who came closer to actual events. While nobody is 100% foolproof in making predictions, I think my track record so far ain't that bad (if I do say so myself!)

And "nuts"...what exactly are you doing up in that relay tower anyway? lol

-- LunaC (, May 02, 2000.

"nuts" - The April 14th Saturn Return casts a gloomy/depressive cloud over the next several months and I anticipate the Nasdaq will continue to slide downward. I've included additional dates to watch in the Vindication thread but for your convenience I've also included them below:

May 7 and 8 - Mars in the 2nd (money) opposes Neptune (illusions) in the 8th (debts, shared resources), followed by Neptune retrograde in the 11th. This will be the time that you'll smell the fear in the air as fantasies give way to confusion and doubt. Lots of difficult activity in the money houses.

May 13 - Saturn (loss) in the 2nd (money) squares (difficulty) transiting Uranus (shake-ups) in the 11th (Joe Public) while Jupiter (over-indulgence) in the 2nd (money) square natal sun in the 11th (the masses). Can you say Margin Call?

May 14 - SIX planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Mars) are all in the natal 2nd house. Money, money, money will be THE focus of this time.

May 18 - 19 Expect lots of volatility as Mars in the 2nd opposes natal Mars and transiting Pluto in the 8th. This may very well be a fiery crash and burn.

May 24 - Uranus goes retrograde. Expect extreme volatility and difficult trading.

After the dust settles, expect a brief rise in the market until June 15th when Mars triggers a square (difficulty) with Pluto destruction). But this slump is shortlived as the influence of Jupiter (expansion) trines (benefits) transiting Pluto (change) on June 26 brings the market back up until July 6 when Mars squares Uranus in the 11th. (explosive!)

Mid July - Jupiter opposite Jupiter - this signals the mid-point of Jupiter's 12 year cycle. The expansion of the past several years has concluded and it's somewhat down-hill from here for the next six years until a new Jupiter cycle resumes.

July 23 - Watch out for this one! Pluto Rx (destruction/crisis) conjuncts Mars (explosive) in the 8th (debts/joint resources). Expect heavy downward movement.

August brings another reminder of what we've seen these past few weeks as Rx Uranus once again visits a conjunction with the Sun in the 11th. Expect the same type of high volatility and loss that we saw on April 4th.

August 25 brings Mars in the 5th (speculation) making its first square (difficulty) to Saturn (loss) after the April 14th bloodbath. Expect another downturn, although not as harsh as previously seen.

Generally speaking, I expect this market to continue a slow and steady decline with some dramatic hits along the way.

I also made predictions regarding the Dow as well.

And again...for those not familiar with astrology, the influence of Mars will be felt a day or two before and after the dates indicated. The effects of all other slower moving "outer" planets can be felt for a week or so before and after but will be strongest on the dates indicated.


-- LunaC (, May 02, 2000.


Do you make money trading on your own predictions? Does anyone?

-- Lars (, May 02, 2000.

Lars - Unfortunately the old addage "It takes money to make money" is particularly apt in my case and unfortunately I don't have the financial resources to invest. Boy, do I wish I did!

As for the more financially endowed, yes I do believe there are many astrologers who make a very decent living by applying their timing insights to the markets. Arch Crawford is one name that immediately springs to mind among dozens of others. And, if I'm not mistaken, J.P. Morgan had a personal astrologer that even travelled with him.

-- LunaC (, May 02, 2000.

Hey - if it was good enough for Ron and Nancy, its good enough for me...

-- (@ .), May 02, 2000.

From another thread Frank said "...a general "the market will go up" or "go down" is useless without knowing what specific stocks will do, even if by luck you're right 50% of the time."

Frank, I've honed my skills over several decades and I don't come cheap. I can do a 6 month chart for any specific stock of your choosing for a consulting fee of $150 per hour OR - if you'd like me to share the risk - for 10% of the profits made from your trade. Now either put up or shut up.

-- LunaC (, May 02, 2000.

Good job Luna!!!

I think back in July or August we shared concern over the New Madrid.

Was that you??

-- Swampthing (in@the.swamp), May 02, 2000.

Swampthing - I wasn't posting here in July/August of last year so it probably wasn't me you had the discussion with re: New Madrid BUT I recently commented on the Other board that I think New Madrid will go before The Big One in California. This is just a "feeling" mind you, and isn't based on astrology.

-- LunaC (, May 02, 2000.

Sorry I must of confused your handle with someone else thanks for clearing that up it was bugging me.

-- Swampthing (in@the.swamp), May 02, 2000.


I find it hard to believe, but you said,

Frank, I've honed my skills over several decades and I don't come cheap. I can do a 6 month chart for any specific stock of your choosing for a consulting fee of $150 per hour OR - if you'd like me to share the risk - for 10% of the profits made from your trade. Now either put up or shut up.

Lunacy, would *YOU* give $150 dollars to a total stranger based only on *their* word they can do an accurate 6 month stock prediction? Hopefully the answer is "no". Why you'd expect me to behave differently is beyond me.

I actually believe the REAL thing I requested was several weeks' worth of winning CA lotto numbers (in advance of when they occur obviously). The several weeks' worth is so I can watch (without risk) the first week, and play the second if you're correct. And I'll make you a better offer than you made me. If you can use "astrology" to predict the CA superlotto as described above, I'll give you ****HALF**** of my winnings. That could be MILLIONS, not the chump change you're worried about. Now, it's time for you to (as you so eloquently put it):

either put up or shut up.

You see Lunacy, "astrology" is a crock. If it actually worked, people like you would have retired long ago, and would no longer be sitting in tents wearing conical hats with little stars and moons on them, bilking people out of whatever silver they have in their pockets for a living.

Disgusted at your "offer" and rude closing,


-- Someone (, May 03, 2000.

Frank, I'm going to repeat what I told you on the other thread. I'm going to speak very slowly so you can understand...if you did your homework you wouldn't be making silly demands such as "Predict the lottery". If you had any inkling as to what astrology is all about and how it works you'd be embarrassed that you've made yourself look so foolish. Now, once you have taken the time to investigate the subject further and you've grasped even the rudimentary basics then we can begin having an intelligent conversation and I'll gladly accept your apology for continuing to be so borish.

Oh yes...if you had been paying attention (instead of jumping up and down, spewing spittle from your mouth and getting your panties in a twist) you might have noticed that my reputation - so far - precedes me.

Now if you don't settle down I'm going to do the equivalent of a Usenet Killfile on you. Do you need me to explain this to you too?

-- LunaC (, May 03, 2000.


You said,

Now if you don't settle down I'm going to do the equivalent of a Usenet Killfile on you. Do you need me to explain this to you too?

Now you're "threating" me? What's next, going to have your big brother come over to my house and try and beat me up? Give me a break. PROVE "astrology" is good for something, or quit calling it a science. That should be pretty simple for you, if it works.

You also said,

If you had any inkling as to what astrology is all about and how it works you'd be embarrassed that you've made yourself look so foolish.

Actually, from reading your posts I think I've a good enough feel for how it works to feel QUITE foolish just for continuing this discussion with you.

And I haven't even threatened you yet. That must be *some* point in my favor.


-- Someone (, May 03, 2000.

Frank, once again you've shown your ignorance by demonstrating your unfamiliarity with Usenet terms. Why am I not surprised? A "killfile" isn't a threat (you can quit spewing spittle now)'s a means of ignoring complete idiots which is exactly what I intend to do with you, as promised.

Really, Frank, for a "Christian" you're truly a disappointment the way you spew such hatred, bias and vile. Tsk. Tsk. It's a perfect example of those hypocritical tendencies I mentioned previously.

-- LunaC (, May 03, 2000.


In case you forgot, I didn't even POST to this thread, you cross-posted something of mine here, starting the chain of events we have now.

As to the "killfile", you are quite correct as to my ignorance, thank you for enlightening me. But you should quit using the "spewing spittle" line, after the first two or three times it begins to lose its efficacy.

Also, you STILL haven't proven "astrology" works. "Spewing spittle" at ME won't cause this issue to go away. Taking jabs at Christianity or particular Christians won't change the fact that "astrology" doesn't work either.

Rather than attacking me, why not try proving you can do what you say you can on SPECIFIC issues?

Oh yeah, BTW wasn't there some sort of "planetary alignment" of some kind or other that was supposed to cause all sorts of havoc a couple of years ago? What ever happened with that?

Still waiting for an intelligent response, but not really expecting one,


-- Someone (, May 03, 2000.

Frank, does your wife cut your meat for you?

Having to provide a Clue with every post to you is becoming more than tiresome. While I admit your tirades have been a source of amusement for me, I assure you that this will be my Last Word to you on the subject until you have the maturity to engage in an honest inquiry for the purpose of intelligent discourse.

You said: STILL haven't proven "astrology" works.

Perhaps you were absent that day and brain-dead ever since, but I've already done so. To wit: On January 31, 2000, using an astrological chart drawn for the Nasdaq, I predicted the April 14th financial Blood Bath seventy-three days prior to its occurance. Case closed.

Now go to your room and puh-lease don't come out until you've done your homework and are willing to act with respect and play nice.

(Frank - there's just no challenge with you. Your mind refuses to expand beyond its limited sphere and your buttons are just too easily triggered. You're simply not a worthy "adversary" in the debate so you'll have to excuse me while I go talk with the Big Kids.)

-- LunaC (, May 03, 2000.


I remember your post. Actually, I myself am a practitioner of Lunacology, and my moon-beams say that the market will drop probably this Friday, but definitely by next week. I could make a long-range prediction as well, but won't to keep the thread current.

Let's see how my Lunacology compares with your "astrology".

And BTW, you should lay off the patronizing in your posts, it only makes you look needy.


-- Someone (, May 03, 2000.



It has no original ideas and is simply a rehash of pagan myths which predated it by thousands of years. Read a book called "The Astrological Neptune" by Liz Greene. It is all there.


Do you think Frank will give us his birth data, and one or the both of us can cast the chart and prove to him how much we know about him, what has happened to him, and what is likely to come? I do not think he has the courage to do this.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), May 03, 2000.


The difference is, I say Christianity is a *belief* (that can't be proven objectively, although I'd say it's axiomatic), whereas Lunacy says "astrology" is a science (that should be able to be proven objectively). THAT'S my problem here. If you want to start saying "astrology" is an unfounded belief, I'd be as sympathetic to your cause as can be. For now however, wait until this Friday (through next week of course) when Lunacology shows a "full insertion" about to occur causing a drop in the stock market.

As for your question,

Do you think Frank will give us his birth data, and one or the both of us can cast the chart and prove to him how much we know about him, what has happened to him, and what is likely to come? I do not think he has the courage to do this.

If you just search for my prior posts, you'll see that I:

Have some interest in, if not Knowledge of, the biological sciences,

Am married with smaller children,

Am a Christian,

Due to cultural referrences I've made (like to "Jerry Rubin"), a reasonably astute person should be able to guess my age more or less accurately,

Due to the fact I think astrology and the occult are crap, and have stated my belief in gun ownership for the American citizen, you can (or should be able to) pick out some other cultural values I adhere to as well, just like I could guess at Lunacy's "ism" when she asked me to.

You see FS, astrology's still a crock, but I myself have given you more than enough information to "predict" many fascinating things that apply to me. And you didn't even need my birthdate. Again, if you believe you can predict the future, win the Lotto for me. Otherwise, Lunacology is a better bet for accuracy than "astrology"


-- Someone (, May 04, 2000.

Frank, if you can convince an astrologer to trying picking winning lotto numbers, and they fail (which they will), what have you proven? NOTHING! This is a straw man argument.

You will have convinced yourself and others that astrology can't do it any better than anyone else can. And you would be right. But so what? Astrology does not claim to pick winning lotto numbers.

Now, are you really going to turn down that offer of a free chart reading? :-)

-- Debbie (, May 04, 2000.

FS - Do you think Frank will give us his birth data, and one or the both of us can cast the chart and prove to him how much we know about him, what has happened to him, and what is likely to come? I do not think he has the courage to do this.

I've thought about this but I don't trust him to give us the correct birth data and I don't see why either of us should waste our time on someone who obviously only wants to argue rather than learn. Frank - without any investigation whatsoever into what he so fervently refutes - has made up his mind, and that's that! There's really nothing to be said to a small-minded person who refuses to broaden their horizons.

Even though Frank said "prove astrology works" and I pointed him to my January statement about April 14th, he stubbornly refuses to admit that the prediction I made was correct. I can't respect that. Nor can I respect the fact that he claims it's a "crock" without any proof whatsoever to back up his assertion. If he approached it from a debunking perspective and actually studied the subject to speak intelligently about it, then I could congratulate him on taking the mental leap and for walking the walk rather than blubbering with just talk.

And you and I both know - without a doubt - that if he truly investigated astrology, even as a debunker, he'd come to see the unquestionable patterns and correlations and realize its validity. But I believe Frank is afraid of having to readjust hiw world view to allow for this and subsequently reveals himself to be a lazy, pseudo-intellect in my mind's eye. The way he consistently and sneeringly refers to me as "lunacy" and astrologers as "sitting in tents wearing conical hats with little stars and moons on them" as a response to the issues not only shows his bias and intentional malice, but a sad lacking of debate skills. (When you have no real argument, call the other person names, hope to get them agitated and try to change the focus to deflect that you really don't have any position at all other than "It's true 'cuz I said it was true!")

If you think you can sway him by all means have at it, but for me...I'm leaving Frank by the curbside until my predictions for the May financial markets come to pass and I have the opportunity of cramming it down his throat and watching his brain explode when the Truth of the matter becomes apparent. I'm a patient person and it will be worth the wait to watch him sputter and gag when the time comes.

Oh yeah - that Frank thinks we should be able to just guess his birth date out of thin air shows - AGAIN - how little he really knows. He can't even distinguish astrologers from psychics! Maybe someone ought to advise Frank to sit down and shut down before he digs himself even deeper.

-- LunaC (, May 04, 2000.


Point well taken. I thought about the veracity of any data that would be provided after I posted the challenge.

Meanwhile, my legion of "fans" can continue to cosult me, and I will continue to provide hours of entertainment and insight.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), May 04, 2000.

Frank keeps shouting "SHOW ME THE SCIENCE" so this one's for him.

(Frank shouldn't flatter himself by thinking I specifically went looking for this for him - I stumbled upon it quite by accident while searching for something else. Further proof that synchronicities are not random ;-)

A Fractal Approach

-- LunaC (, May 04, 2000.

Frank and other former TB2000 Posters,

Heres my challenge to you.

Find us a major prediction from the old TB2000 board that came true with the accuracy that LunaC's STOCK MARKET PREDICTION DID!

I dont think you can!

I started visiting the old TB2000 site about mid 1999 when the Y2K hysteria was running wild and dire predictions were a dime a dozen, most or all of which never materialized as many of us expected them to.

And I never saw a major prediction like LunaC's fullfilled with such accuracy right down to the day!

Can you prove me wrong?

-- Zdude (, May 04, 2000.

Zdude, that's interesting. I WONDER if anyone tried to use astrology to make Y2k predictions for the world, or for a country? But I don't know if this would fit within the realm of what astrology does.

Perhaps you would want to give an example of someone's prediction which you would like to reverse-corroborate.

The art of prediction is that it has to start with the correct chart. With individuals, this is fairly straightforward. With entities such as the stock market, you start with the index in question, so that's not too problematic either. But if you were to reverse-corroborate someone's prediction that "the IRS will be toast," the first problem you have is "what chart shall I use?" I suppose you could start with the U.S. chart, and look at things related to the 5th house (finances) starting around 1/1/2000, or possibly the 8th house (other people's money - without which, the IRS would be nothing!) Or, you might start with a chart for the birth of the IRS in ~1913? (if you could determine it to the time).

I don't know too much about this, but do know that the question is not always simple to frame. As in mathematics, if you don't start with the right formula, you can't get the right answer. If you do, then you can. (Skeptics may say, "Not fair! If the prediction didn't work out, you can't turn around and claim you started with the wrong chart!. -Yes, you can. This, I am fairly sure, is how astrology was built over the millennia - looking back at what happened and finding the formulas (aspects, chart patterns) that best describe that.)

Now, if for general Y2k problems, you looked back a few months at the U.S. chart and saw nothing remarkable around 1/1/2000, you might conclude... confirmed there would be no problem? Somehow I don't think this would be enough to satisfy the skeptics. :-)

-- Debbie (, May 04, 2000.

Make that the 2nd house/8th house for finances of self and other... I'm kind of rusty here. (5th house is pleasure and self-expression and only relates to finances in the sense of creativity and entrepreneurship, or what one DOES with money.)

-- Debbie (, May 04, 2000.

Debbie makes a good point that the accuracy of a prediction is contingent upon the accuracy of the chart's origination data. In terms of Y2k it would have been very difficult to have used astrology to come to a conclusion regarding the final outcome considering the multitude of factors involved. For example, if we asked the question "Will electrical generation be a problem?" what chart would we use? When electricity was first invented? When electricity was made available to the public on a mass market scale? Perhaps each individual generating station? It's impossible to come to a conclusion without answers to these questions. The same holds true regarding questions about the banking industry, transportation, telecommunications, etc. The playing field was just too generalized to tell.

I must remark, however, that in the U.S. chart Uranus was conjunct the South Node during the Rollover and I assumed that with Uranus being the ruler of technology and the South Node being representative of "trouble" that we would experience more technical difficulties than we did. Then again, with Uranus also being representative of "the Wild Card" it doesn't surprise me that so many doomers were caught off-guard. Uranus is funny that way! ;-)

-- LunaC (, May 04, 2000.


Your link did not work for me. Is it me?

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), May 04, 2000.

Luna,what do you think about the great planetary alignment tomorrow? What is your opinion about it?

Frank should be nice to Luna. Don't be mean Frank, okay?

Thank you Luna.

-- Maya (, May 04, 2000.

FS - I checked the link and it worked okay for me but if you're having problems let's try the age-old, time-proven cut and paste method:

Maya - This is one of those broad-based questions that's really tough to answer. Do I think the aliens will land, a polar shift will occur, or a meteorite will come crashing to earth? Probably not. But then again, it all depends...

If a person (or corporation, country, other entity or locality, etc.) has natal planets that are being aspected by the alignment, then they may see some dramatic occurances in whatever areas that are represented by the planets/houses involved. It would be easier to answer this on an individual scale rather than a generalized global scale.

It would probably be an interesting exercise to assemble the charts for the major capitals of the world to see who/what might be affected but considering that the alignment is only 24 hrs. away, we may as well just sit comfortably and wait to see what happens :-) If anything monumental occurs we can then erect a chart for the location of the occurance and have a better idea of what was triggered to create the cause and effect observed. Considering that astrology is based on observation, we're often reduced to a wait and watch approach, sad to say.

-- LunaC (, May 04, 2000.

Thank you Luna.

Most people would be shocked at the amount of corporate CEO's and top Execs who consult astrologers and psychics. I know this from personal experience. Some people will do whatever they can to find an "edge" or keep informed. I personally know a realtor who deals with commercial real estate who has a financial astrologer who has helped her a lot.

-- Maya (, May 05, 2000.


Just checked Yahoo, Stocks:

Pakistan Karachi 100 ^KSE May 5 1807.31 -52.57 -2.83% Chart , News

Philippines PSE Composite ^PSI May 5 1551.90 -1.44 -0.09% Chart , News

Singapore Straits Times ^STI May 5 2118.36 -2.44 -0.12% Chart, News

South Korea Seoul Composite ^KS11 May 4 751.29 -1.47 -0.20% Chart,News

Sri Lanka All Share ^CSE May 5 446.79 -7.85 -1.73% Chart , News

Pretty neat, huh? On my very first try using the "Science" of Lunacology I predicted the stock market would decrease, and in fact almost ten markets decreased EXACTLY on the day I predicted. (Only copied 5 here as were next to each other).

Boy you were right, this stuff is great!

BTW, am following up here for the sake of completeness, and so you would understand that Lunacology is a True Science, which has NEVER been wrong in making a prediction. I've also decided that if you want to believe in this stuff, it's no business of mine, so I won't bother you with it any more (probably :-) )


-- Someone (, May 06, 2000.

bzzzzzzt - you lose! the u.s. markets were the topic and what counts and they were UP yesterday.

-- scorekeeper (, May 06, 2000.

Scorekeeper, you said,

bzzzzzzt - you lose! the u.s. markets were the topic and what counts and they were UP yesterday.

Sorry, big guy, read my original post. I said,

and my moon-beams say that the market will drop probably this Friday,...

NOwhere did I say *the U.S. markets*, and neither did anyone else. My Lunacology prediction specifically referred to the markets listed above. If you had ASKED me to predict on the U.S. markets, of course I could have told you they were going up. Even a child could have predicted that with the "science" of Lunacology.

Remember, Lunacology has NEVER made an incorrect prediction since its inception. It is a SCIENCE.


-- Someone (, May 07, 2000.

bzzzzzt - check the title of the thread. you r still a loser.

-- scorekeeper (, May 07, 2000.


Just can't let go of this, huh? What do you hope to accomplish? I think you have become a bit obsessive on this topic.

I think you better pray onit-maybe God will give you the answer to the question.

-- FutureShock (gray@mater.think), May 07, 2000.


Much like rivers, threads change course with time. I don't believe the original post would be applicable by the time of mine, again making Lunacolagy correct by *science*.


No, actually I gave up "astrology" and its practitioners driving home from work yesterday. Now I'm just enjoying myself.


-- Someone (, May 07, 2000.

- threads change course with time -

bzzzzzt - reread thread. no mention of any markets but u.s. markets. fantasy + justification = zero character. you r still a loser.


-- scorekeeper (, May 07, 2000.


While this is the first time I've seen you post (under this handle ;-) ) so I don't know how long you'll be here, as in my original post I said:

Actually, I myself am a practitioner of Lunacology, and my moon-beams say that the market will drop probably this Friday, but definitely by next week.

Don't you think it would at least be prudent to wait until my prediction window (the end of this coming week) was up before passing judgement on the science of Lunacology?


-- Someone (, May 08, 2000.

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