SPINOFF passing Hump I, Gicc and "ER" in post count

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Can't much count the dead Hump I, but SPINOFF will pass GICC today and ER.

Passing the fan comments for the TV "ER" should interest marketeers of something. (1/2 the prime time shows are now setting up or have websites. http://www.justjack.com hit the net several weeks ago for "Will and Grace" but might have been a inside joke.)

So to pass ER shows that some people are fed up with Prime Time's "vast wasteland".


HumptyDumptyY2K; 2697 messages, latest on January 20, 2000 Grassroots Information Coordination Center (GICC); 2394 messages, latest on March 07, 2000 Monster Rancher 2 CD List; 2362 messages, latest on March 07, 2000 ER Discussions; 2349 messages, latest on March 06, 2000 TB2K spinoff uncensored; 2027 messages, latest on March 07, 2000

The number of posts here is increasing daily and the names of people who did not post to TB I for six or more months are starting to show up. Congress used to think one letter from a voter equaled 10 voters who didn't write. As more people get net enabled, the Forums might be moving to that sort of "representation". As such the ability to "influence" any "hidden majority" declines.

Thats probably good news all around because it removes the ability to unduly twist or distort. Too many people ready to correct set ups a "self correction" which of course was "AWOL" all during Y2k.

This is a major problem across the Net even being investigated by the SEC who set up teams to check out the deliberate planting of rumors and "spin" by vested interests *trading stocks*. Touts and Shills on Wall St. have always far outnumbered the ones at race tracks.

TB II member increase has slowed to a crawl at 449 each day shows the rate of increase falling as would be expected.

Hyatt had 3,100 but many were multiple screen names so it might have a body count of 1,000-1,500 with 2-400 daily visitors. TB II showed 350 in 48 hrs.

Below are LUSENET counts this AM. SPINOFF seems to be running 400-600 post/day. TBI had 360K posts in 2 years or 500/day but the daily run rate in Fall,1999 might have been far higher. Both "medium to high activity" but far below assorted tech and finance forums.

By subdividing the threads, you have to total up the post count to keep score but it should be clear that the "ACTION" has moved to SPINOFF where all sides of the "debate" about **what happened?** can be heard.

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), March 07, 2000



Did anyone ever tell you that you have WAY to much free time on your hands?


-- (Donna@here.now), March 07, 2000.

SOME of us have followed Y2k for so many years on the internet that it became pure habit...okay...an addiction to check out the same sites every day. After the CDC came and went, there were very few threads of interest to me on these sites and I felt this was good. I could spend 10 minutes/day reading what interested me and go on about my life.

THEN, OldForumRegular had to put this forum up. [grin] Not only is there sharing of Y2k thoughts from different points of view, but the OTHER topics aren't limited to Chemtrails, the Stock Market, political candidates, etc.

Old Git once said of the old TB2000 forum that it was like a local pub where folks came to share. I never felt that comfortable there. I stuck with the technical discussions for the most. Here, however, I've found myself responding to threads on several topics and enjoyed reading other threads. This IS the local pub to me now. Of course in only a few days the pub has received even more folks who introduce even more topics, and I'll no longer be able to keep up with them all.

[I suppose there COULD be worse addictions.]

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.thingee), March 07, 2000.

Anita, I had decided to break myself of the TB2000 habit but not now thank you. I sense something special happening here thanks to Old Regulars efforts. Some of lifes habits are good and should not be thoughtlessly discarded.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 07, 2000.

I see two factors at play here. First, there's the censorship/iron fist thing, which infuriated (and alienated) quite a few folks.

The other thing is that this place seems to be sort of a "neutral turf". Other than a troll or two that tried to mix it up for no particular reason (with no one taking the bait), I don't see anyone being interested in fighting with anyone else. And that includes "former warring parties" of any stripe.

That's fine with me.

-- Charles Underwood Farley (chuck@u.farley), March 07, 2000.


(ringing the bell)

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), March 07, 2000.

Perhaps this forum is turning into what TB1 could/should have been if it had been moderated evenly/fairly in the first place.

-- firefly (forest@calm.dot), March 07, 2000.

Thx, interesting.


-- Someone (ChimingIn@twocents.cam), March 07, 2000.

You guys can't believe what an effect you had on me just now. I'm so stunned and emotionally over-whelmed I can't even put it into words.

-- laura (Lady@....), March 07, 2000.

I know I'm sure appreciative of this forum,I thought I would have to be a nomad for awhile until I found a suitable waterin' hole.Luckily I'm not the only one with a sour taste for censorship and exclusion.


What's that about drinks? Save me a seat,Thanks.

After all, I AM

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 07, 2000.

I don't have that warm, fuzzy feeling about either of the new forums. The sterile format, and heavy handed moderation of EY's new TB2000 leaves me cold, and as long as so many of the posts here on the uncensored spinoff are about how awful EY's forum is, it's pretty pointless. I'm hoping this forum can get some stronger legs under it.

-- (Not Home@here.yet), March 07, 2000.

"Not Home Yet", see this thread for a discussion on this forum and my views regarding moderation.

I realize I can't please everyone, and neither can Ed Yourdon, but this forum is an alternative to his. As moderation goes, if I duplicated his philosophy, this forum would be redundant.

Self-control is the keyword here. You have the self-control to ignore those who can't or won't practice self-control. Such is life in a forum such as this one.

-- Old TB2K forum regular (freespeech@yahoo.com), March 07, 2000.

This forum "feels" like some of the better-run "soc" USENET newsgroups (or perhaps "alt.bizarre" many years ago, before it completely jumped the tracks). Overall tone is a bit more polite, which gives you some idea how rambunctious many of them were. "This is the Internet - wear a cup!"

My thanks to Regular for undertaking the often thankless task of hosting these discussions. Here's hoping that trollery can be kept to a manageable minimum.

-- DeeEmBee (macbeth1@pacbell.net), March 07, 2000.

Like Anita, I never felt the comfortable on the old TB2K forum. But this is a lovely, friendly place, but never boring.

-- gilda (jess@listbot.com), March 07, 2000.

Something really special is taking place here. Just cruise through the threads and look at the old timers that are flocking back. The Dog, Uncle DeeDah, Ken Decker, Lisa, CPR, RC, Anita, Hoff, Flint, Paul Davis, Gilda, Y2K Pro, LL, and on and on. This is the front porch we have all been seeking and who cares if a fight or two breaks out in the back. Y2K may have been the common denominator but cyber kinship will perpetuate this gathering of Eagles, and a Hawk or two.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 07, 2000.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's all fine and dandy, but give me a hollar when this place surpasses the popularity of the "Cleaning and care of the descending colon" forum and then I'll give a hoot.

Ciao babe,


-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), March 07, 2000.

What's the matter Unc? Having problems passing all that dehydrated beer, rice and beans?

Must be your age. I've had no problems passing all that stuff...yet.

-- Chris (!@#$@pond.com), March 07, 2000.

For years I've said to myself [in trying times], "This too will pass."

Lately, however, those words sound like a kidney-stone joke.

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.thingee), March 07, 2000.

Dig it, Unc,

We're both here, without spam! (At least not in white space.)

(Rational 1 is right. This is the perfect place for all of us.)


-- laura (lady@.......), March 07, 2000.

Ra--"Just cruise through the threads and look at the old timers that are flocking back. The Dog, Uncle DeeDah, Ken Decker, Lisa, CPR, RC, Anita, Hoff, Flint, Paul Davis, Gilda, Y2K Pro, LL, and on and on."

Aaaah, 9 of the ones you mentioned are from GNIABFI and DeBunker's, they are old timers but not from TB2000. They were on the opposing side, you know, the ones who called TB2000 members Y2K wackos, nutso's, MORONS! Would you like a few quotes from some of them?

-- archiver (Archiverr@archiverr.xcom), March 07, 2000.

Give it a frickin rest, I doan give a shit. That was then, this is now. Can't we all just get along?

-- Rodney King (unkeed@yahoo.com), March 08, 2000.

Hey Archiver, Ive got a quote for you:

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and smells like a duck, its likely to be an aborted Hawk.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 08, 2000.

ahem... I never visited DeBunkies, and I have been also welcomed here.

-- Mumsie (shezdremn@aol.com), March 08, 2000.

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