best i think to leave this board : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

we should get back on topic, it was to replace the old board.we should quit with the rederick with the other "new" forum and show we are the real forum and are back on the topics we so talked mostly about before this disruption. i am not trying to step on not toes, but would like to see the it become home again.

-- nate (, March 05, 2000


I for one, will not sleep tonight until we figure out who the heck "Rederick" is.....................

I knew a guy called Roderick once but we had the clever intuition to call him, whoops......I mean, Rod.

Likewise, could it be said that an enquiry as to the size of ones penis is simply a 'Roderical question'?

-- Craig (, March 05, 2000.


We will, but give it some time. This just got started, and people need to stretch awhile and shake off the cold before finding a comfy spot in front of the fire.


-- Someone (, March 05, 2000.

Frank's right--give it some time. When you been vilified, and kicked off a forum and denied access to conversation and friends, you need to talk about it. It's kind of like divorced people talking about their wounds after a divorce. It passes, but suffering the "slings and arrows of outrageous forturne," takes awhile to get over.

Home is a place where they have to take you in, and also where you can talk about the indignities you've been through.

-- gilda (, March 05, 2000.

Fred, I encourage everyone to ignore flame threads, and contribute news and well formed opinions as much as possible. This should start some good discussions and debates and get us back on track.

Right now I think people on all sides are lurking and posting anonymously to test the waters.

I'm also debating wether to delete worthless personal attack threads on "doomers" and "pollys", but the forum being so new I'm afraid it could be taken the wrong way. Although this forum is intended to be uncensored and encourage freespeech, it is not intended to be a flamefest for "doomers" and "pollys" to mudwrestle into.

-- Old TB2K forum regular (, March 05, 2000.

Just my opinion, OTFR, but I'd resist the temptation.

People are testing you and this forum, ready to pounce with "Ah HA!".

As well, some are obviously trying to bait LL. So far, she's resisted.

My personal observations were that the spam attacks of the past were almost universally ignited by deletions of posts. No, this doesn't justify them. But my feeling is the more you can resist the delete key, the better.

-- Hoff (, March 05, 2000.


EVERY new forum has its growing pains. It's much like raising teenagers. They test ya and test ya, but the poker face seems to work the best in those instances.

You've offered a freedom for folks to come together for perhaps the first time on neutral turf. SOME folks don't like the concept. They'll get over it.

Give it a week or two and then reconsider.

-- Anita (, March 05, 2000.

What's all dis about censership??? Isn't dis de "Uncenserd" baord? IT WILL BE JUST LIKE THE STINKBOMB 2000 IF IT IS CENSERD?. Right On!!. Right On!!!

-- Right on! (, March 05, 2000.


Metaphor for the 'new paradigm' here on this board: Lo! I find myself agreeing with a Polly who on the old TB2K I never even deigned to respond to, lest I take valuable time from my '11.5 Doomer' degree of preps --- namely, Big Hoff. I think we're definitely breathing fresh air here, and the high O2 titer is causing a rare emotion in we jaded Americans (and a few OZ & NZ 'infiltrators') nowadays: euphoria. So rare, and so enjoyable! But as the titer comes down to normal let's review a point or two.

Old Reg, you are considering taking that microscopic first step down the path to perdition. Yeah it's tempting. Especially for me, when I saw some of my carefully crafted threads get a bit shredded with OT posts. But there's no other terminus to the walk you're even just playing with than to end up like the victims on EZ-TB2K.

Please take this prescription, get it filled, and start the therapy imMEdiately:

"I, Old Regular, realizing that I have suicidal tendencies, do hereby renounce any inkling of censorship, deleting, or other similar strategies --- other than of course, blasting my opponent to smithereens by counter-posting with withering verbal lashings."

An alternate therapy, obviously, which I could recommend, but which seems not as popular as I'd like see is:

"Ignore the stinkin' SOB, &^%*($%# trolls!"

Hoff is dead on in ALL his above points.

___________________ ____________________________________

Final observation re this thread, a linguistic point: all the previous translations of 'rederick' are incorrect. Properly that word is translated, Roderigo. Which tips you off to the covert strategy in the lead post: it's obviously the first sighting of none other than KING OF SPAIN. Long live the King -- the King is dead!

Dar los dmas a todos,

el Doctor Diablo,


-- William J. Schenker, MD (, March 05, 2000.

I agree with Doc, Hoff and other who have expressed the same sentiments. Don't even think about hitting that first key to delete a message--shades of Ed's Place!! For therapy, reread Fahrenheit 451 about the book burners. As I have said on dozens of posts, once censoring starts, it never stops.

It was said of Hitler that "He began with burning books and ended with burning people."

Censorship always brings out the worst in otherwise logical, good natured, thinking people. It's a slippery slope.

-- gilda (, March 05, 2000.

"But there's no other terminus to the walk you're even just playing with than to end up like the victims on EZ-TB2K."

Yea, thass righ!!! THem victims don't EVEN KNOW THEYR VICTIMS!!!! THEY THINK THEy're jus having a gude time!! HOw blind cAn yOu GeT?????

-- Right On! (, March 05, 2000.

William Schenker

"I think we're definitely breathing fresh air here, and the high O2 titer is causing a rare emotion in we jaded Americans (and a few OZ & NZ 'infiltrators') nowadays: euphoria. So rare, and so enjoyable!"

Don't even go there. Let the air be rare and enjoyable for all. Step out of the box and realize, as many of those on the old forum never appeared to, that this is the internet, not the U.S. only, and you can learn by listening to and conversing with all parts of the world. Your language is exclusionary and unacceptable. Please reconsider.

Thank you.

-- firefly (, March 05, 2000.

Hey Bill, what do you think of presuppositions?

-- canthappen (, March 05, 2000.

Fascinating dynamics, though. While the people posting to this forum are essentially indistinguishable from those who posted to the original, nonetheless this incarnation seems to be developing a "flavor" in the minds of the thought-policed as a "polly board" solely on the grounds that some longtime posters are ALLOWED to continue as usual. Why, that's not *acceptable*, you just never know what they might *say*!

So while Hoff is quite correct that the limits of this board are being pushed just to "kick the anthill" (who coined that fine phrase, anyway?) and see what happens, THIS time it's the loony doomies doing the kicking. And NOT using "reasonable analysis" as their boot. Needless to say, Father Ed is above noticing such things.

Also, I must admit I kinda like the nekkid wimmin, even at my age. And those of the female or repressed persuasion can just click on down to the next message, neh?

-- Flint (, March 05, 2000.

Doctor Diablo (Devil Doctor),

Do you have WebTV?

-- (, March 05, 2000.

Sorry old TB2k forum regular, delete means censor. I don't know how this forum can remain uncensored while defining deletion rationale. Doesn't work for me.

-- Ma Kettle (, March 05, 2000.


.....this is the internet, not the U.S. only, and you can learn by listening to and conversing with all parts of the world. Your language is exclusionary and unacceptable. Please reconsider. Thank you. .....

UH, oh --- Firefly, you forgot to turn off your anti-farce filter.

This is clearly a case of mistaken identity -- you've got the wrong bloke, Sheila. I pride myself on murdering various dialects of English (including OZ/NZ, New York-ese [where I was brung up,] British Columbian, Minnesotan, Alabamian redneck, and even Standard American,) Puerto Rican Spanish, Mexican Spanish, German, Swiss German, a little Portugese, an occasional word or two of Italian, a couple curse words in Greek, a couple phrases in Czech (from one of my ex's), and a couple good Norwegian words (from another ex.)

The really ironic part of your misplaced concern for my breadth of acceptance, is that I learned a lot of my fine art of leg-pulling from my OZ and NZ friends I have made in Davos, Switzerland; Squaw Valley, CA; Park City, UT; especially my year in Whistler, BC, where 80% of the service personnel were OZ/NZ; and finally, here on "Uncensored" TB2K, from that Rogue of rogues, Pieter Zaadstra, a citizen from Way Down Under. It'll be donks before you catch me actually putting anybody down -----

Billy Bold


Hey Bill, what do you think of presuppositions?

I've been told by better people than you that I'm full of it, I mean them.


Glory be, I'm still young enough to like looking at nekkid wimmin, too.


Do you have WebTV?

No, it's a technical impossibility for me, since I haven't watched TV since 1964. Occasionally my wife tricks me into watching a segment or two, but I make her pay for it later.


Sorry old TB2k forum regular, delete means censor. I don't know how this forum can remain uncensored while defining deletion rationale. Doesn't work for me.

You got it. I'll bet you make good turnip greens, grit, and okrey, too.


-- William J. Schenker, MD (, March 06, 2000.

Doc, that would've been true of my father. He was a Mississippi man, from Waynesboro. I'm more a cornbread and beans type, these days with LOTS of fried spam and onions. How ya'll doin'?

-- Ma Kettle (, March 06, 2000.

Pardon me, Bill, for the use of the vernacular "Doc." Many moons ago I worked as a nurse and got in the habit of it with some. Found out a few times that it irritated the shit out of some. Remember that now. No such intent on my part, just a brain fart.

-- Ma Kettle (, March 06, 2000.


I remember how old you are, and you're too young to do the "even at MY age" routine. I remember how old Bill is also, and he doesn't qualify either. I remember many years ago a friend of mine asking her grandmother at what age folks lose interest in sex. Her grandma said, "You'll have to ask somebody older than me, Honey."

Now...on to the nekkid women pictures that were put up: As much as many of us found those in good taste, and as much as some others WISH they had seen them, I think Oldregular made the correct choice in deleting them. Lots of folks access this forum from work. I heard some folks state that the Lusenet format was less obviously seen as "goofing off" compared to the flashing emoticons on the EZBOARD forum. So here you are, "goofing off" at work and up come pictures of nekkid women...just in time for your boss to pass by your desk. Or, there you are at home, where your mate and even kids come in to ask questions, etc. In addition, the line between nudity and pornography is a very fuzzy one in the eyes of many people. Wasn't there a problem a few years back with a fellow who took home videos of his son just learning how to walk [after a bath]? I thought the whole thing silly myself, but across the country he was accused of promoting child pornography.

Just to show that I can actually remember 4 things in one morning, I also remember having a poster when I first got married. It was on the wall in our frontroom, nicely done nude of a woman with weeds tastefully blocking strategic points of interest. Friends with small children would visit and the kids would invariably ask, "Why doesn't that lady have any clothes on?" Our friends would reply "Because she just got out of the bath." The face of the nude was turned so one couldn't see facial features, and some occasional visitors would say, "Is that YOU, Anita?"

So...yeah...I think pictures of beautiful women should be enjoyed by all interested, but there are plenty of other places on the net to find them. The poster was TESTING OldRegular.

-- Anita (, March 06, 2000.

Well, I missed the nekkid wimmin' photos but don't have any strong should'ves or should not'ves feelings about it. It was posted and it's gone now, I gather from the conversation so censoring took place as far as I understand the definition of the word.

-- Ma Kettle (, March 06, 2000.


You said, "The poster was TESTING OldRegular."

I didn't see the pictures, but I suspect you're right; it was a test.

Maybe pictures should be allowed when it pertains to the content of the post, and only then. Deleting something that didn't actually relate to the point being made in a post, wouldn't actually be censorship..., it would be more like taking an irrelevant paragraph out of a thesis.


-- laura (Ladylogic@......), March 06, 2000.

A few more comments from me and I'll shut up about this, at least for now. Right under the title TB2k Spinoff uncensored----in the About subsection, some statements are made regarding "problem posts" and "blatant trolling posts with no intellectual discussion value will be deleted..." Delete! There's that word again, right near uncensored. So some judgements (re: what's of value,what's of intellectual discussion value, what's a blatant trolling post, etc.) and some calls are going to be made. Ok, no problem with comprehension there. So it's going to be an arbitrary judgement call on the part of the moderator or even moderators. Ok! But that's not an uncensored forum. Like being pregnant, you is or you ain't. So if this is going to be a censored forum in these terms, pornography, so on and so on, no problem. I just don't want to have to sort through the same DISCONNECT that was endured in the last one and was the source of much BS for the participants and increased workload for the moderators. If this forum is going to be censored, then let's have it out, either deal with it or not, and move on like its been said before.

-- Ma Kettle (, March 06, 2000.

Ma, I agree with you and love your is or isnt analogyhopefully this forum will continue unrestrained. Our hero, Old Regular might have to bite his tongue occasionally but we can live with that.

-- Sifting (through@the.rubble), March 06, 2000.

Ma Kettle, I get your point and it is very appreciated.

I started this forum rather on the fly, and also added this comment (on deletion) also on the fly later on. Give me some time to think through what will be written to clarify my moderator policy for this forum. I truly and honestly don't want to censor anyone based on their intellectual views and opinions, and certainly not just because I have a personal conflict with anyone.

I admit to have hit the delete key twice so far; I deleted that thread started with the women pictures that was titled Lets see if this forum is really unsensored (those threads/posts are against my policy and will remain censored, Anita explained my views well on this); the other thread was started yet again by Manny to flame LL, but had no other replies to it yet, I cought it as soon as it was made, that after having warned him on another thread to keep his flames on one thread and starting more was considered spamming (there are several of them.)

I've read everyone's opinion on censorship, and I happen to agree with Dr. Schenker, and so I took his prescription therapy pill after those deletions, as I felt very uncomfortable having touched that delete key and was afraid to start an addiction.

Thanks everyone for your comments and support.

-- Old TB2K forum regular (, March 06, 2000.


Hey! Nursie, I don't mind WHAT you call me, as long as in you're heart you realize I'm God. I'm sure you learned that in your years in the nursing profession.

As a matter of fact I never like using the MD thing, unless I'm in trouble with a Highway Patrol officer, or I'm trying to get a cash advance in a strange bank that's never seen me before. So why am I using it? Well, in the early GN forum, in early '97, he coaxed us docs into his Physicians' Forum, and we had to register with our professional degree to enter the forum. I shortly found out that the forum wasn't worth getting into -- abysmal lack of common sense prevailed, as is usually the case in a gathering of docs.

So I transferred over to the General Discussion forum. But there I found he had us all calling each other 'Doctor' (probably 'cause he wanted everybody to remember that HE is DOCTOR North.) To further compound the issue some of the hot threads had to do with medicine and Y2K, so I figured, what the hey, I'd best minimize the growing confusion and hang on to the alphabet soup suffix. (Why do I keep using it? Well, I've done a lot of posting on Colloidal Silver -- got a lot of flak from know-nothings who asked for 'peer-reviewed documentation,' and quoted a lot of other peoples' opinions about things medical. I find it helps to move the discussion forward by contributing from a base of 30 years of family practice.)

To prove to you that I really don't care about the MD thing let me tell you 3 things about my past: 1) I HATED being a doc (till my last 6 years as a country doctor), 2) I MOST wanted to be a downhill ski racer on the US Olympic Team [finally got to do it at the Masters level 55 years later,] and 3) A musician and music writer synthesizing classic New Orleans jazz with polyphonic, contrapuntal chamber music [never made it.]

Re the 'conception' issue, ain't yeeuw never heered a' touch a' pregnancy? Ah declare!

Re the 'censoring' issue, you and I are doomed to the chronic cephalgia associated with all perfectionists --- so git over it, hea'?


Boy, you're putting that bar up AWFULLY high. Not that I'm complaining at 74 next month.


Child, be careful, your definition is slipping close to the edge. A little more and we might find a way to precipitate you into a spamming seizure again.

But, really, welcome to our midst...isn't this quite surreal -- you, and we doomers --- enjoying each other's company?!

Bill, teary eyed in amazement

-- William J. Schenker, MD (, March 06, 2000.

Bill, I genuflect most humbly in your presence, sir.

Cephalalgia, is it? Perfectionism is it? I'm sorry to say I thought it merely a case of recto-cephalic adhesion. How deeeee...!!

-- Ma Kettle (, March 06, 2000.

Old regular, you did good.

-- gilda (, March 06, 2000.

Damn Doc, you are razor sharp! I applaud you! I Thank you for sharing your knowledge with those of us who did not have or see the possibility of the opportunity, in this life. Speed to you!

-- Internet (, March 06, 2000.

Old Regular wrote: <>

Could be a stretch, but I'm thinking there's a dirty little clue here to OR's identity. Plain old wrestling would have sufficed as the active verb. Anyone, anyone??

-- (Miss Ann@the.rope), March 11, 2000.

fUcKInG HyPOcrIttERz!! HyENaS!!! yOu AlL maKe Me SiCK!! DIe!!! GooD mOrNiNG!!!

-- DieTeR's gHoSt (JacKAls@InFIdeLS.DIe!!), March 11, 2000.

G'Day Old Regular & troops,

Just clocked on by chance to see this thread about snoopopathetic meddlers egging you on towards a deleting jive. Also I read the septuagenarian snowboarder MD Bill Esquire reflected on his astonishing multi-lingual prowess and who dropped my name into the proverbial simmering pot of contention.

Now, that makes for a right of contribution to this thread;

As an antipodean troglodyte studying the pestilential pendulum of forum malcontents grouch-n-whine and bellyache about naught in particular and every sundry reprobate in general, I conclude that such vile forum constituents be encouraged to multiply with added gusto and lashings of liberal muck, tripe and drivel.

Indeed, I further endorse, nay, hail, all mealy mouthed, powdery and floury, pale insignificant fraud and faker. Furthermore I believe every cheat, trickster, hoaxer, hoodwinker, bamboozler, shyster and diddler must be allowed to continue a mindless diatribe of the effected fob, botcher, bumbler, blunderer, fumbler and clumsy glib rubbisher.

Only then can I contest with reasonable confronting content and transcend an argument for the easthetically, politically, socially and philosophically sophists like W.J.Schenkler MD and wit.

Oh, yes. I mean no censorship.

Regards from Down Under

-- Pieter (, March 11, 2000.

ctrl, alt, delete all the old powers who are preponderate in there ways

-- paul palmer (, April 07, 2001.

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