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Posted this twice, got zapped right away. BOYYYYY are they SCARED S**TLESS about this topic being exposed. BWAHAHAHAHA!


I hate to say I told you so....but..... BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA, ok so I don't hate it, I LOVEit! Give me a break. How long does it take to get a months worth of food from Costco, for a family of 4? 2 hours??? maybe 3? If you are new to y2k, you are better of going and buying some bulk items yourself and not listening to the nonsense on this board, put out by extremists. They start out sounding rational, but will slowly guide you to y2k vendors to buy overpriced items, that you don't really need. Use common sense and ignore people infected with Millenial Madness -- Super Polly (, September 15, 1999. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Truth wins again!

-- Super Polly (, December 24, 1999


Make sure and read a few of the earlier ****14 day****** threads, notice the comments of the regular doomidiots and how they defend Stan and what he is makes you wonder just how many are linked together in the background, just to make money from FUD. Geez, Chuck (a moderator) admitted to ASKING Stan to post his shill-thread daily....what does that say about him?

-- Super Polly (, December 24, 1999


BTW, if any regular optimists would like to post this to the Stinkbomb, go for it. I think the whole forum needs to see what is happening. I am being deleted on site (because someone is impersonating me on Stinkbomb)

I wonder if I will make the "list" on the ask new questions page?

-- Super Polly (, December 24, 1999.

Follow up to this thread:


That ties to this thread Beware dealings with Stan Faryna

According to the TB2000 rules there were supposed to be NO venders doing solicitations there.


-- (archivist@doing.follow-up), April 12, 2000.

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