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"Routine" photo by the author
Retina or Routine
Stop it!
   I didn't expect...
Room for discussion?
   Of course these is, but only if....
"The Last Days"
"Seeking Love"
Seeking Love
New Baby
seeking love
Redlands Classic
Redlands Bicycle Classic
Reason... the photo
Category 5 race results/Redlands Classic
   good job
Happy One Month Evan
thank you!
   Yer Welcome!
   Yes, it was quite fun having you here!
missing family today
   'ello miss
   I Miss you too Kristina!
   Happy Birthday to you.....
From Betty with special hi to Kristina
it was a happy birthday
   belated happy wishes
since all of you email me sooo often . . .
   hey cousin!
melissa, did you?
   Yes, I got it!
   hey, I'm family!
   hey smarty pants :)
   Hey Kristina!
Some videos of Evan are online
Vuelta Ciclistica a Mazatlan - Santa Rita 2001
   congratulations Uncle Harold!
   Podium man!
   Mazatlan Mania
51st Vuelta a Colombia en bicicleta
kris has been bitten!  the travel bug
me (could there be a better subject?)
back from my galavanting
   welcome home!
      waiting for your pics... update on printing/mailing status
wedding pics