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kane Dalton Iam based in the UK. I am selling because I hurt my back and am giving up biking, so am happy to negotiate price if you are interested in the bike. The bike has 6000 miles on the clock and it is looking for a new loving owner. This is a labour of love. Please email me for photo's and further info. kane.dalton@bbc.co.uk

The bike has two sets of body work, silver and blue race gear and the red and silver. > >I have a red biposta seat and a single blue and silver seat. > >I also have an extra carbon mono posta seat. > >The engine was built buy Tony Scot and is signed by him. >Engine > 140bhp >* Balanced crank >* Raised compression >* Factory SPR cams >* Factory EPROM chip >* Custom built casoli exhaust >* Gas flowed cylinder head >* Reworked pistons >* Iridium spark plugs >* Large capacity ram-air duct (worth 3bhp) >* Free flowing airbox >* Magura clutch master cylinder

>Chassis >* Magnesium wheels, swingarm, frame plates and bottom yoke >* Re-valved forks >* Ohlins rear shock >* Gilles rearsets >* Nissin front brakes and master cylinder >* Serie Oro brake discs >* Aluminum fairing brackets >* Carbon fibre MotoGP style fairing >* Carbon subframe >* Carbon seat unit, fairing support plates >* Carbon undertray, heel plates, hugger, front fender >* Twin filler endurance tank (silver and blue) >* Magnets in calipers to hold pads back >* Forks machined to allow calipers to rotate

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), March 16, 2005


Response to F4 ORO FOR SALE, 2000

Is it an Real Oro nr?/300 (1999) or is it an 2000 machine converted into oro with extra bits?

a real oro would not look bad in your living room! as reminder of your gloriuos motor days!

-- hb (not@vailable.com), March 16, 2005.

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