Where can i buy the rubber 'nuts'

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I replaced the plastic on my 02 MV with CF. I want to replace the rubber grommets with the metal bolt inside that are used to attach the air box shrouds. i also need one for the windscreen. Does anyone know where i can get these/


-- david terry (drterry@us.ibm.com), March 15, 2005


I believe these are the same as on the MV:

http://www.motowheels.com/italian/myproducts.cfm? parentcategoryid=439%7CSpecialty%20fasteners% 2E&productID=2379&showDetail=1&categoryID=439|Specialty%20fasteners% 2E&vendoridtodisplay=0&filterFor=&collection=

-- Brad Cowell (bcowell@sbcglobal.net), March 15, 2005.

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