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Hi there, i have some elevators with the LS2 controller in maintenance including the frequency inverter linked to the serial thyssen liftbus. Now the inverter is broken down. Is there any inverter company which can use this liftbus system??

-- Jonny Ar (, March 15, 2005


I suspect that these were made by micovert for Thyssen and adapted to use the Lift bus Protocol so i think it will have to be repaired or replaced.

-- bob (, March 15, 2005.

Dear Jonny Ar,

some years ago i did develop and adapt the micovert inverter to the thyssen liftbus, together with some engineers from thyssen. Since year 2000 i changed to KW-Aufzugstechnik elevator company and developed a new inverter for elevators, called GOLIATH60. This inverter can controll any kind of motor for elevators (asynchron, synchron, gearless) and we have sold more then 8000 inverter in the last 5 years in europe and near/fare east. The power range is from 12A up to 142A nominal current. Our inverter is able to be connected by a seriel link to the THYSSEN LIFTBUS with the LS2 controller. For more informations please check our homepage ( or contact me. Regards, Stefan Mueller

-- Stefan Mueller (, March 16, 2005.

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