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1.) What does the willow symbolize in Hamlet? 2.) How is Ophelia's line, "...I would give you some violets, but they all withered when my father died..." significant? 3.) Why does Ophelia sing street songs? 4.) Why does Laertes call Ophelia "rose of May"? 5.) Why is Hamlet still appealing even today after 400 years? 6.) Why must Gertrude wear her rue with a difference? 7.) When Ophelia distributes her bouquet to people, she gives specific people specific flowers. What flower does each person get? Why is each flower appropriate for that person? 8.) How are the flowers is Ophelia's garland: crow flowers, flowering nettle, daisies, and long purples significant and how do they relate to Ophelia?

If you can't answer all of the question, it is ok, but mostly appreciated that you tried and were successful in answering even one. Thanx for all your help, Jacob Oshier

-- Jacob Oshier (, March 14, 2005

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