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Does anyone have experience making a DMC selector waterproof (or at least more water resistant)?

I was directed to CJ Anderson but, so far, they are unsure what to do. As you all know, DMC's have a pulser in the selector.

Ideally, vertx had a retrofit to change to mags and flags with an encoder designed to run on the rail.



-- norm swan (, March 14, 2005


Convert it to a DMC-1A, you will have to add vanes and a leveling head, and some software changes... Only way to get away from selector...

Call your Local TKE office, if they can't help you email me...

-- Will (, March 14, 2005.

They said the dmc-1a is no longer available. It would have to go to a Icon controller. They are checking on what that would take.

Any experience with that? Is it a complete controller change or an overlay? Would it be as easy to do a mod? Any source for the dmc- 1a package? It definitely sounds easier.

Thanks, Norm

-- norm swan (, March 15, 2005.

Norm, Try calling motion, I heard that Dover copied O Thompson selector when designing the DMC selector, maybe they have a retofit and Motion bought O Thompson from Schindler back in January. Good luck.

-- George (, March 16, 2005.

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