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I have had my piano for many years (an Aeolian) and especially since I've been progressing into some of the more advanced grades I've really loved playing it, but recently several of the keys are getting stuck down and have to be forced back up, which is seriously hindering my pratice. How can I remedy this problem? Please, if you're going to use words like 'slip rails' 'key pin' and 'bushing' in your reply can you explain which parts of the piano they are as I'm only sixteen and don't have a clue what the technical names for parts of the piano are. Thank-you in advance for your help

-- Alison May (, March 14, 2005


You should be getting your piano tuned at least once a year to maintain it...ask your tuner (hopefully he/she is also a technician).

-- Alice (, March 14, 2005.

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