i made an offer to settle.right or wrong?

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eversheds wrote telling me abbey were willing to accept 5800 in settlement.they might as well be asking for 5,000,000.wrote telling them im on anti depressants and high blood pressure tablets since the repo some 7 years ago.told them to save them trying to prove my liability and me asking them to prove their claim,and that i didnt want a long drawn out affair that could affect my health further,i was willing to offer 500 in an ex gratia goodwill offer of f&f settlement of the case.what r my chances of them accepting?i have no assets at all,ie no car and am renting property,so taking me to court would be pointless

-- mark holmes (jyorkshirespice@aol.com), March 14, 2005



I hope you made it clear you were not admitting liability....It's hard to say what they will do. But it has happened before in that they have settled for a similiar amount against a similiar shortfall. the fact that you have no assets is a bonus. All you can do now is wait and see and if you're any good at praying or know someone else who is.....get them to light a few candles as well. I'll say one for you anyway.

I really hope they accept it and wish you all the best!!!

Let me know how it goes.


-- MoirA (Anderston828@aol.com), March 15, 2005.

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