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2 Questions, I have 3 newly moded Motion Controls, a duplex and a single service car, all serving 14 floors. I've been getting a few weird problems. Saturday #1 and #2 cars are down with a position lost error. Checked encoder, car top selctor etc... all appears normal reset cars back in service. Today #1 had leveling fault and #3 had Emergency power message. #1 checked LU & LD, inputs for same switches etc... car back in. #3 checked input wiring @ emrg. pwr. box, etc... found loose wires at 2PE too many in one term. corrected ok reset car in service almost made it home and problem on #3 returned. Any ideas?

-- Clark (, March 13, 2005


You did not have a power loss or lost phase somewhere?Whos make of lift-could be inherrint in equipment...

-- (, March 14, 2005.


Go over EVERY wire connection, factory and field... On controllers and on cars, you've got a loose or a bad connection somewhere biting your ass...

I do it on every new turnover, you won't believe the stuff you'll find...

-- Will (, March 14, 2005.

try your selecter triacs

-- F.E.D (, March 14, 2005.


If it was a Triac, it would do it EVERY time...

-- Will (, March 14, 2005.

Will I agree if it was a triac it'd be doing it all the time. I'll tighten connections in the mean time. Thanks for the help.

-- Clark (, March 14, 2005.

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