Leaking Brake Reservoir

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Hi The right hand brake reservoir on the handlebar is leaking. It only leaks when the brake is applied. It is leaking from the bottom of the reservoir where the reservoir joins the brake lever assembly.

-- Olly Boecker (oboecker@bigpond.net.au), March 13, 2005


I recently saw on another site the reason for this.The resevior was cracked around the boss that goes into the mastercylinder.

-- philip costin (pcostin@bigpond.net.au), March 13, 2005.

Hi Olly, I have just stripped my whole front brake system.What I can say is that most probably you have a leaking seal.There are 2 seals in your master pump,and 1 more dust cover.This cover is located between the lever and the piston of the pump.You can get repair kits for the pump and clutch.The size of the master pump is 5/8". The other part you can check is the vent holes located on top of the pump where it meets the reservoir.If it's dirty,excess fluid cannot return back to the reservoir and that can cause pressure build up in the system.The brakes jammed on my bike when this happened. I had to service my brake system because the seals did not perform well on dot5 fluid.Now I have returned to dot 4 and it's okay. Hope this helps.

-- iskandar z (yojo@tm.net.my), March 13, 2005.

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