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With rich chinese sandstone resource, We have been one of the biggest sandstone products manufacturer and exporter from china. Our chinese sandstone color include: SD001 Grey Sandstone, SD002 Green Sandstone, SD003 Woodvein Sandstone, SD007White Sandstone, SD008 Black Sandstone, SD009 Red Sandstone, SD010 Peach Sandstone, SD011 Yellow sandstone, SD012 Beige Sandstone, etc. Our sandstone products is available for the size: 30x20, 30x30,40x40, 30x60,40x60,60x60cm or specified size by customer; and thickness would be 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm or specified. Our sandstone also produced into sandstone carving, sandstone fireplace, etc. If you are looking for some sandstone, please feel free to visit our website: Below are our contact details: Tel:0086-5113448/5116682 Fax:0086-5116683 Key Contact: Tan

-- Tan (, March 12, 2005

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