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I have a 6 stop Dover traction with the selector mounted on top of the controller horizontally. The problem I am having is levelling, going up or down the car stops above the floor, from 1/2" at the lowest floor to 1" at the top floor. The pointer was not at "0" when the elevator was at the middle floor. I realized that the cable probably has stretched and so I tightened the cable from the car top. the pointer is now at the "0" on the dial when the car is at the middle floor. Same problem is still there. I also tried (marked before I moved it) moving the LU sensor nothing changed, I put it back. I'm thinking something else must stop this car when level at the floor? I checked the "LU & "LD" sensors they appear to be working fine, I checked the brake its OK, I changed a couple of brushes on the generator and motor that were low. I checked the LS1 or (1sl I forget what it is called, but I believe it is used in slowdown with 1ls1 and 2ls1) relay for proper operation ok. I am sure this is an easy fix for someone that works on this type but I am not familiar with that selector, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks Drew

-- drew (, March 11, 2005


The lu and ld do stop the car. The cable on my units is on a turnbuckle on top of the car. It is spring loaded on the bottom. If you turn the turn buckle it will affect all floors. I'd check the cable first they frey and break but before they do the floor accuracy goes. Good luck you can email me I"m pretty familiar with these units.

-- joe (, March 11, 2005.

The only way to adjust your leveling is shorting selector cable on top car - always brings level up. As to moving LU sensor: it must work also, there is just no sense to do it because you'll have to come back to it when cable stratches again. If you do touch sensors - the distanse btwn LU adn LD must be always the same to avoid bouncing around the level. So cable is an issue. Dany.

-- Dany Way (, March 13, 2005.

How is the selector cable mounted to the bottom of the car?If by a spring then check to make sure it is stretched at least 24 inches.Check your speed relays to make sure they are not arcing or staying in by reseduial magnetism.Check yor 14 relay to make sure it drops and picks when coming into the floor.Check the contacts on your msf relay.ther are many things on that system that could cause a leveling problem. these are but a few

-- macky (, March 13, 2005.

Assuming that the distance from LU to the edge of the cam is the same as from LD to the edge of the cam, then you need to move the cams toward LD at each floor. If the distances are not the same (should be about 3/16" or so), then you have other problems and need to address them before moving any cams. If you do decide to move the cams, do not loosen the clamp. Just bump them with a long screwdriver and a light hammer. It doesn't take much movement to affect the car at the floor. Also, just tighten the spring on the bottom of the car enough that you can see space between the coils of the spring. If you try to tighten it 24" longer than compressed, you will have a real problem in that you will be replacing the aircord cables and selector sheaves in addition to having to adjust the cable every month. That 1/8" cable stretches real easy. BTW, the ISL switch is intermediate speed level, the 2LR switches are the low level speed switches and of course the LU and LD are level up and level down. The finger switches under the carriage on 1SD, 2SD 3SD 1SU 2SU 3SU etc are slowdowns and are effective when the movable brush goes off the floor bar, not when it goes on the floor bar. Even if the master floor was set at 0, the cable can stretch unevenly and that will let your floor accuracy get off by the margins you have stated.

-- Johnny (, March 14, 2005.

Thanks for the help guys, I ended up moving LU and LD the proper distance to get car level. I feel its not the best way but it works and next time we will set up the selector from scratch.

-- drew (, March 15, 2005.

check the loop. with car at the top aand power off pull all the brushes or paper them so there not making contact with the comm. test with a megger to ground if thats ok meg the comms if anyone is 1 meg or less blow out the mg and clean the rigging if all that is ok check your compounding. it should be one and a half under compounded at leveling speed when the car comes into the master floor. Let me know if you need the proceedure to check your compounding. It sounds like your being overhulled by the counterweight. Also make sure that the 14 and 15 relays are picking and dropping as intended. the screw that holds the contacts tends to back out and fail to lift the contacts. The sensors areusually set up by the adjuster and the graduations logged on the controller. a quick test is the sensor should not pick when blocked by one sheet of notebook paper but fold the paper in half and block the sensor and it should light the led on the card. If the led lights up with only one peice of paper then its too weak and should be replaced. I had 30 mid and highrise composites on service for 10 years and they can be a real pain in the ass. good luck.

-- jim failor (, March 16, 2005.

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