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I work at an engineering firm in San Diego, and California code says that the sump pump can not be located in the elevator shaft, or below it in some kind of pit. This poses a problem for me, because most pumps I have found for draining elevators are submersible, and are always located in the shaft somewhere. Do any of you know what kind of elevator pump is typically used in California, and how it is configured? Thanks a ton. Taylor

-- Taylor Semingson (, March 10, 2005


In the old days you could have a sump pump for a hydro and connect to the sewer and it pumped everything liquid in the pit. They changed the code and will permit a sump pump in a 2x2x2 concrete sump box with a heavy flat bar grate over it poured during install. The pump is a heavy duty $300 dollar grainger range type and check valve and copper pipe overhead to drum near the pit. I have seen plan 55 gallon steel drums in the parking garage behind a stairwell and have seen fancy plastic drums used also. This method is kind of dumb because when the drum fills up there is no shutoff or alarm. Check with your local authority before you proceed. The pit concrete should also be finished so the water flows to the sump.

-- Jim (, March 10, 2005.

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