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I am tryin g to find when may father, grand father , and great grand father worked at the Southern Railway yard there in Spencer North Carolina. I think from late 1700's on. Their names are as follows: Wilber James Rimer Father Charles E Rimer Grand Frederick Rimer (Riemer) Great grand

Any help will be greratly appreciated. I know they all worked there, but wondered if you could tell us when and where in Germany they came from. Thanks

-- Fred A. Rimer (, March 10, 2005



Your ancestors could not have worked at Spencer Yard in the late 1700s, since it was built in the early 1900s (around 1902-1905). Depending on your age, they could have worked there during the 1900s. I worked for the Southern from 1969-1982(after that for NS) for the division that controlled Spencer. I think I have seen the name Rimer on documents over the years, and some in my possession. I will look to see if I can find anything.

-- J. Marvin Black (, March 12, 2005.

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