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Hello, uh, it's me again. Could someone please help me? I don't take lessons, and I just figured out that those numbers on top of notes are fingerings? How do I understand them? For example, in the third movement of Moonlight Sonata, those notes have numbers on top, but not on all of them. The first notes look like: 1 31 3 gcegceg (i omitted the sharps to avoid confusion) So how do I know what to press between those notes? And I need help with playing Presto agitato because I don't know the proper technique and I'm afraid to hurt my fingers. What are the techniques for piano? (the ways you move your fingers, I mean)So far, I know one from a previous response. :) If anyone could help, it would be a great blessing. Thanks very much.

-- Ducela (, March 08, 2005


Since the C# is between the G# and the E, you would be expected to use the finger between 1 and the fingering given is 1 2 3 1 2 3, etc. You can experiment with different fingering, however, such as 1 2 4 -- it depends where you find the stretches comfortable.

Also, remember that the fingering in any given piece is usually put there by an editor, not the composer. Although there are principles of fingering that should generally be followed, every hand is different and you may find modifying the fingering helpful/necessary.

I strongly suggest you find a teacher to help you with the presto agitato.


-- Alice (, March 09, 2005.

Thank you very much for your response, it has helped a lot and I have a better technique now. Thanks a bunch for helping me!:)

-- Ducela (, March 11, 2005.

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