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We have a circa 1950's Montgomery Elevator and the otis guys say that we need a new star wheel selector but they do not make it any more. Are there any aftermarket parts that we can purchase that will work in this elevator? Thanks Brian Kice

-- Brian Kice (, March 08, 2005



You've got no other option than to modernize...

I went through the same scenario about 2 years ago, tried to rebuild the starwheel, got a machine shop involved, the whole nine yards... there ARE NO PARTS AVAILABLE even from KONE...

you can try if you'd like...

good luck... let us know what you come up with...

-- Will (, March 08, 2005.

Will is right. You can change the micro switches in it if you can follow that drawing and its FUGLY! We refer to them as the Wheel of Fortune (your a lucky winner if it works).

-- Brian (, March 08, 2005.

unless the cable drum has broken and is unrepairable (unlikely), everything else is replacable. all you need is an old montgomery serviceman. call your local kone office and ask the service boss if he's got any old fogeys left.

-- Cliff (, March 09, 2005.

Star wheel parts


Last year we accept one of these on a 20 unit contract. We rebuilt the star wheel using parts ordered from Kone spares. We also rebuilt the interlocks and gate switch. It has been over 8 months and the unit is proven to be reliable.

Kone spares does have a limited selection of parts. The part number for contact finger & block assembly is USP2422. The part number for the commutator is US10247.

Kone spares was kind enough to fax a parts list to me. I would be glad to share it with you.

Work safe,


-- Jon (, March 09, 2005.

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