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i am looking for somewhere i can get a list of spare parts and prices for kone monospace lifts. i am aware of the kone spareparts website but they require extra info such as contract numbers etc that i dont have yet. i would be very appreciative of any help thanks

-- george (, March 07, 2005

Answers this is not only 4 kone, but all prices off all elevators, if we don't find it in belgium, most belgium firms get there pieces there, free entry on the web site! gr Luc

-- Luc van mensbrugge (, March 07, 2005.

no that site is no good for what im looking for . i need prices for motor and drive units and the kone spares site need contract numbers and po's from the customer before they give any info.

has anybody else got any idea where i can get this info from please

-- george (, March 09, 2005.


give me the voltage and horsepower, rpm, and anything else you have off the data plate, frame size etc...

i think i can hook you up...

-- Will (, March 09, 2005.


I need a price for a MX10 and MX6 monospace motors also for a V3f16l monospace drive. I know it is very general but it is for a tender and they require this info and as you can imagine our friends at kone are far from helpful.

I appreciate the help


-- George (, March 14, 2005.

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