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Assembly of The Republic of Viet Nam Veterans P.O. Box 5055, Springfield, VA 22150 www. chiensivietnam conghoa. org February 27, 2005

Dr. Condoleezza Rice


United States Department of State Washington, DC 20052

Dear Madame Secretary!

On behalf of the Assembly of the Republic of Vietnam Veterans (ARVV), I appeal to you to bring your attention to a matter of great concern and ask for the United States Department of State intervention to protect and preserve justice for an American citizen imprisoned in Thailand.

Mr. Ly Tong was arrested in Thailand in November 2000 after having rented a small aircraft and flew to Vietnam to drop leaflets calling for freedom for this nation on the eve of former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Saigon. He stood trial in Thai’s court and is currently serving his sentence for this action. In 2004, Ly Tong has applied to be transferred back home to the United States to complete his sentence in accordance with the US-Thai agreement.

Last week, Mr. Ly Tong was informed by the US Consul in Bangkok that Vietnam has requested that he be extradited back to Vietnam to stand trial. The decision will soon be taken by the Thai government.

Madame Secretary, Ly Tong is a US citizen; he is also a Republican and a strong supporter of President Bush and America’s determination to “spread freedom and democracy to all dark corners of the world”. It was in that spirits that Ly Tong committed what he did in Vietnam. Whether of not one agrees with his action, Ly Tong’s ideology and action was well intended. He had been trialed and sentenced by the Thai’s justice system. To allow a US citizen to be trialed twice for his action and to be extradited to a country with one of the worst human rights records, is not only unfair and unjust, it also demonstrates that the US is turning its back on its citizens and that the US Consulate in Thailand is not doing all it can to ensure the safety and fair treatment for US citizens in foreign land. Such a message is not good for the US image as a champion for human rights worldwide.

Madame Secretary, the Vietnamese American community is a young one in the US but with a respectable contribution in all facets to this nation. Currently, over 200 servicemen and women of Vietnamese origin are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are promoting and defending America’s campaign for Freedom and Democracy.

Madame Secretary, I earnestly urge you to ask the US Consulate Office in Bangkok to do what it takes to protect US citizens and to make certain that Mr. Ly Tong not be returned to Vietnam to stand trial.

Respectfully yours,

(ấn kư)

Nguyen Xuan Vinh, PhD, DSc Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering University of Michigan Chairman, Assembly of the RVN Veterans

-- LeTrungNam (TrungNam@VCHC.org), March 05, 2005


Hoi cac chien si VNCH tai My lam rat dung.Bon CSVN xin di ly anh Ly Tong ve VN la trai voi cong phap quoc te ,boi le anh Ly Tong co quoc tich My.Nhung trong truong hop Ly Tong van bi giai giao ve VN theo qui uoc ngam giua Thai va VNCS ,viec gi se xay ra doi voi hai chinh phu nay?Phia cong dong nguoi Viet hai ngoai se phan ung ra sao doi voi Thai va CSVN ? Chinh phu My se phan ung ra sao ? Boi vi toi danh cua Ly Tong that te nhi.Rieng ca nhan anh Ly Tong neu bi nhu vay,anh ay cung phai chap nhan ,boi vi khi lam dai su phai chap nhan hy sinh.

-- Lin Ho (Lin@hotmail.com), March 05, 2005.

Dầu cho trường hợp nào cũng tốt.

    Nếu Thái sợ Mỹ trả tự do cho Lư Tống chứng tỏ thế lực của người Việt mạnh. Nếu Thái trao cho CSHN và Lư Tống vẫn cương quyết chống cộng th́ câu chuyện trở thành cái xương mắc cổ họng CSHN v́ tha không được buộc tội th́ bị thế giới khinh tởm.

Vụ Lư Tống không c̣n là của Lư Tống và người Việt hải ngoại mà là sự tranh tài giữa Mỹ, Thái và CSHN. Xin hăy chờ xem.

-- thich du thu (toollovers@comcast.net), March 05, 2005.

Ly' To^'ng , Hữu dơng Vô mưu .

LyTong is a good soldier, Pilot, but, he crashed his brand new A-37


-- Let him in what he wanted to be :))) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 25, 2005.

POSTLAI cho ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com

-- (test@test.test), March 07, 2005.

nhung ai chong mong dat niem tin vao Ly Tong la mot su khong tuong.

-Ly Tong luon luon tu cao tu dai va vo ky luat

-Lam Viec do ruou va boc dong

-Tranh dau cho mot Viet nam Tu Do chung ta khong the hanh dong nhu the

-Ly Tong la con bai chinh tri va tinh bao mat cua Ha Noi!!!! [Beleive it or not ]

-Dung quen nhung chuyen Ly Tong boc phet khi roi Viet nam nhu the nao. Xia ho biet anh nay nhung cu de con co bay bong lang quang roi ho se lam thit sau.

-- (Sau Bi Da @ Sai Genh.net), March 07, 2005.


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Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 21:37:04 -0800 (PST)

From: Quy Nguyen

Subject: Ngoc Hanh

MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="0-403214825- 1110173824=:46856" Content-Length: 47054

Kinh quy vi,

Ngoc Hanh tuyet thuc tu ngay 23/02/05 den nay hon 10 ngay roi . Suc khoe rat yeu, nhung Ngoc Hanh van con bi giam tai nha da, Trai tu khong chuyen NH den nha thuong de dieu duong .

Chung ta nen viet khang thu goi ba Babara Boxer va Trai tu Dublin xin doi xu cong bang cho NH,mot nguoi tu luong tam .NH tuyet thuc de cau nguyen cho chien si tu do Ly Tong som duoc di ly ve My va cau mong Bo Ngoai giao Hoa ky can thiep chinh phu Thailand ve viec dan do Ly Tong ve VN theo yeu sach cua CSVN .

Le Ngoan xin quy vi tiep tay va pho bien mau Kien nghi de dong bao goi keu cau cuu .

Mong su hoi dap .

Le Ngoan

-- Cheers :) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), March 07, 2005.


-- bo bo (mystyle@fyi2me.com), March 08, 2005.

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