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How long does Cifas last on record.

Thank you

-- parvati Mistry (, March 05, 2005


With regard to CIFAS as long as any fraudulent activity remains or 1 year from the last recorded date of activity. With regard to credit referance companies I would take the length of time to be 6 years requesting your credit file would be the first step. Regards Adrian

-- Adrian Ratcliffe (, March 06, 2005.

I disagree.

The CIFAS stance is that a CIFAS warning remains on file for 15 months.

The reality is that all CIFAS members, all 200 of them, retain copies of CIFAS warning addresses for ever, maybe a bit longer.


-- anon (, March 06, 2005.

I've also heard that Cifas records are stored abroad so that they can avoid the Data Protection Act for example, don't know if it's true, they would probably deny it anyway. Not a good thing if you think you have false or misleading information held on you and you want to find out.


-- M Amos (, March 08, 2005.

"In my personal opinion" : CIFAS and CIFAS members do not bother storing data abroad. They simply ignore Data Subjects requests for CIFAS data. It appears that CIFAS and its members consider themselves excempt from the requirements of the Data Protection Act. No doubt they depend on the aspects fo the DPA that allows excemptions for provision of personal data if criminal acts are involved, and anybody with a CIFAS warning must be a criminal.

The Information Commissioners Office is useless. They work with CIFAS and the CIFAS members to undermine the interests of Data Subjects.

And, if all else fails, they can always lose, destroy, miss-file, CIFAS data in a non-relevant filing system such a shoe box or a handy skip.

-- Anon (, March 13, 2005.

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