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Does anyone have an extra OEM Brutale bar? I have an S4R bar that I'm willing trade for a Brutale bar. I noticed on a previous thread that some of you guys prefer a more aggressive wider bar... the S4R bar is it!! I'm 5'5"... the Brutale riding postion suits me better!!!

I'm also willing to buy if no one is interested in a trade!!

Please let me know... ...Aaron

-- Aaron Luna (, March 04, 2005


Hello, good to you how is your family hope they are all fine..... so i will like to made a request about your (......)inwhich am intresting in buying so kindly give the lasp price of it asap......

-- owo (, March 04, 2005.

I'm looking for a Brutale handlebar... do you have one?

If so, I'll trade you!!!

-- Aaron Luna (, March 04, 2005.

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