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I have the game Titanic Adventure Out of Time and starting playing it a few days ago. I need to ask two questions, if I may. One - where the heck are the binoculars??? and Two - even if I find them, can I stop the ship from sinking - which I am assuming can be done.

-- Elaina Dobay (dobayway@earthlink.net), March 03, 2005


Hey I Was Wondering Where You Got The Game It Seems Pretty Cool To Me. Thanks Joshua *=_Joshie_=*

-- Joshua (knightrider_69@msn.com), March 14, 2005.

Joshua, I purchased the game for my son at a computer show about 5 years ago for 5$. He played it, liked it and left it when he moved out. I just decided recently to try it. Yes, it is a pretty cool game.... just can't find some things.... like the binoculars!! If you find out, let me know!!

-- Elaina Dobay (dobayway@earthlink.net), March 15, 2005.

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