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Are the heads on a 2000 the same as a 2002? Same valve sizes, cam profile, injector or throttle body size etc. ? I know the power increased in the Evo 2 engine. What was changed in the newer motors to gain HP? Thanks; Steve.

-- Steve Boan (, March 02, 2005


Steve, The valves are different, The evo ones have thinner stems. Some talk of valve failure as a result, but this has also been associated with bigbore kits as fitted by casoli (possably a bit of buck passing going on here). Not sure about the head size or cam changes. I understand quite a bit of the extra power actually comes from the increased rev limit. Actual dyno outputs seen by owners seem to indicate there is a much smaller difference between the two engines than the claimed figures would suggest. My pre evo 01 bike has a measured 118.4 at the wheel with nothing more than a powercomander fitted. That's the kind of figure Evo owners are also quoting with the same mod, or more!

-- Mark M (, March 03, 2005.

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