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I have a wonderful 11 year old piano student who I've had for almost a year and truly is my reason for teaching! He works so hard and far surpasses what one might expect for a beginner! Recently he's begun bringing new pieces he's written out and he'll have all the notes written out, and will play a root position triad in the bass. I haven't had experience in composition but definitly want to encourage him--I never took an interest in composition during my theory classes in college, but this kids got the bug! We are working with a syllabus program and he loves chord progressions. Any ideas on good beginning composition books that I might use to keep him going? Thanks!

-- rose (babenpansyrose@aol.com), March 02, 2005


Hi Rose,

As a teacher who is also not qualified, nor do I have the time at lessons, here's what I have done in the past. You might suggest to his parents that, due to his outstanding talent, he should take theory lessons as well as piano lessons. Or, even better, find a person qualified to teach composition and refer the parents to that teacher. It sounds as if this student would benefit from composition lessons. Local universities have a composition department (as you know), and local jazz associations may have teachers that work with children.

Otherwise, you might have to crack open the books!

Let us know how he does, OK?

-- Lea Johnson (clearfuture@erols.com), March 03, 2005.


I just read my last posting again and realized that I had said that you were not qualified to teach composotion. SORRY! I just mean that this is not the focus of MY education. You, obviously, are completely qualified. Yikes. I better just stop now.

-- Lea Johnson (clearfuture@erols.com), March 03, 2005.

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