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Hi There, I was wondering if any of you have found a better solution to making the bicycle cable type ECI door restrictor work better. Now this cable comes out of the clutch and makes a turn down through the pana 40 and around the bottom of the clutch and then turns and back up to the arm, too many turns and bends.

How about a smaller cable coming out of the clutch and going up directly to the arm and also with a bracket to limit movement in both directions on the arm for better more reliable operation.

-- Jim (, March 02, 2005


Jim, I have atleast 50 cars with these restrictors, I get an occasional break at the clutch or the hook on high traffic cars but usually don't have any problems. Make sure you have your spring on the latch and don't over tightned the cable you only need a little lift off the bracket. I noticed on some spare kits I got from schindler that they have upgraded the assy. try calling ECI and see if this will help. Hope it works out.

-- George (, March 04, 2005.

Hey Jim, I got the same problem and here is what I did -pulled-out that cord inside one of the cable careful not to fray the wires -cut the cable to the desired lenght(minimum turns and bends) with a razor sharp blade -re-insert the cord back to the cable -now I got the right lenght with minimum bends and turns


-- Mar Presto (, March 07, 2005.

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