>>> Năm G Flu 2005, Vietnam sẽ đi lm lao cng nơi m tề???

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Năm G Flu 2005, Vietnam sẽ đi lm lao cng nơi m tề???

Con số dn Hanoi đi lao động ln tơ'i 70 ngn người chanh ginh đạp ln cổ nhau kể được điền đơn XUẤT KHẨU LAO ĐỘNG :)


Tuesday March 1, 02:58 PM

No. Of Vietnamese Workers Sent Abroad Set To Rise

HANOI, March 1 Asia Pulse - Vietnam plans to dispatch about 70,000 workers abroad in 2005, said Nguyen Thanh Hoa, director of the Vietnamese guest workers department under the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).

To reach this target, his department advocates seeking new markets, focusing on potential markets such as Libya, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, the UK, and Greece for Vietnamese workers. Traditional markets such as Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea will be further developed, the official added. ADVERTISEMENT

According to MoLISA Deputy Minister Nguyen Luong Trao, who made a fact-finding tour of Libya recently, the African nation has expressed its wish to sign a labour cooperation agreement with Vietnam. Libya is in dire need of construction workers and sailors, Trao noted. Vietnam has sent Libya a draft labour cooperation agreement for the latter's consideration. There are about 1,000 Vietnamese workers currently working in Libya under individual contracts. They mainly work in the construction and military production sectors with a monthly average income ranging from US$300 to 400.

Among new markets, Canada is considered to have potential as it offers comfortable accommodation and working conditions. In addition, Vietnamese guest workers will be able to gain more business experience from their employers to help them conduct their own production and business activities when returning home. Canada is in need of personnel to work in hotels, farms, and factories and for construction projects with an average monthly wage of US$1,000.

There are small groups of Vietnamese guest workers in the UK and Greece, which offer rather high salaries.

Since the signing of a labour cooperation agreement between Vietnam and Malaysia in April, 2002, Vietnam has dispatched almost 80,000 workers to Malaysia, the second biggest labour market for Vietnam after Taiwan. However, the number of Vietnamese workers sent to this market declined recently with the termination of labour contracts for a group of Vietnamese workers and Malaysia's recent decision to temporarily suspend entry for foreign workers.

The MoLISA official, however, affirmed that Malaysia remains a potential market for Vietnamese workers. Malaysia's suspension decision gives time for Vietnamese labour exporters to improve their pre-departure training, thus raising the quality of Vietnamese workers. Under Malaysia's new ruling, foreigners holding calling visas are eligible to continue working in the country. Thus, Vietnamese labour exporters are still dispatching workers in this category.

There are over 52,000 Vietnamese trainees working in South Korea. Of them, 3,000 are working under the new labour law of the RoK. In order to help Vietnamese workers easily adapt themselves to the working and living conditions in the RoK, the MoLISA has set up 10 centres specialising in training people in the language and customs of Korea.

According to the South Korean Labour Minister, Kim Dae-Hwan, his country will stop recruiting foreign trainees and will promulgate a new rule, which allows local businesses to employ guest workers.

Taiwan is the biggest importer of Vietnamese labour with 33,000 Vietnamese guest workers. However, increasing numbers of Vietnamese workers have broken their labour contracts and are working illegally in Taiwan. This situation made Taiwan decide to stop receiving Vietnamese labourers. To address the issue, the MoLISA has introduced several measures to tighten discipline in this area and coordinated with Taiwanese partners to send illegal Vietnamese workers home.

The official said Vietnam is failing to introduce bold enough measures to prevent and control the number of Vietnamese people working and residing illegally abroad. The MoLISA has been compiling sanctions in this domain. Those sanctions, Hoa said, will create a foundation for the promulgation of the Law on labour export expected in late 2005 or early 2006.

Vietnam sent 67,447 labourers abroad last year.


PS: Dần d l cả nước lẫn con tu tắng v ci cột đn đường cũng đi xuất khẩu lao động.

Chỉ c mnh bc Hồ nằm trong chuồng canh gc :))) Hahahah

I HAVE lot of ROOMs for rent ..... No VC will be accepted :))))

-- Huu huuu hic hic :( (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), March 01, 2005


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Chỉ v mn nợ chiến tranh khổng nồ :

READ " Hanoi is to repay US$1.7 billion to Moscow over the next 23 years. Sơ Si l US$ 1.7 billion cho Lin s = 800 ngn triệu Trillion tiền cụ Hồ gi :)))

-- Bc ơi, bc cn giọt nước mắt K Sấu no O bc (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), March 01, 2005.

Response to >>> Năm Gà Flu 2005, Vietnam sẽ đi làm lao công nơi mô tề???

-- (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), March 01, 2005.

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