Nhan quyen la su xa xi cua nhung ke no du - Tu do la su day doa vinh vien

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Nhan quyen la su xa xi cua nhung ke no du - Tu do la su day doa vinh vien

-- noname (dovietanh1978@vietnam.com), February 28, 2005


Nhan quyen la su xa xi cua nhung ke no du

Cộng sản không hề biết đến NHÂN QUYỀN . v́ cộng sản là một loài..KHÔNG PHẢI LOÀI NGƯỜI ???

Tu do la su day doa vinh vien

TỰ DO là đày đoạ ??? Lư luận cuả loài cộng sản tôi mọi giặc Tàu chuyên tôn thờ giáo điều băi rác Liên-Xô.

-- (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), February 28, 2005.


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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Former Vietnamese official reportedly attempts suicide

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) - A former senior aviation official apparently attempted suicide after being suspended from his position for financial mismanagement, officials and state-controlled media reported Monday.

Nguyen Lai, former general director of the Airport Authority for Central Vietnam, was taken to a hospital in central Danang city on Saturday with serious burns on his face, neck and limbs, said Pham Van Thanh, the deputy head of the agency.

Thanh said Lai had attended a meeting earlier in the day and came back to his office.

A staff member heard strange noises coming from his locked room and forced the door open, Thanh said. The room was filled with gas fumes.

Lai, who was only wearing an undershirt and shorts, was rushed to a hospital in Danang and transferred to a hospital near Hanoi on Sunday where his condition is improving, Thanh said.

"Several days before, he complained that he was tired and appeared to be tense,'' he said.

Local media are reporting that it was an attempted suicide though Thanh said police are still investigating the incident.

Lai was suspended from his position earlier this month for using nearly 24 billion dong (US$1.5 million; euro1.15 million) in government funds to buy land for his personal use, officials have said.

He also failed to get approval from the ministry to buy a Mercedes and a BMW in 2003.

Dozens of officials and executives from the aviation, oil and gas and textile industries have been arrested in recent months for their involvement in corruption scandals. - AP

-- 1969, Ho` chi' Me'n commit suicide :))))) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 28, 2005.

On February 1, 1968

--during the Tet Offensive--General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, director of South Vietnam's national police force, executed a Viet Cong prisoner on the streets of Saigon. Photograph by Eddie Adams, Murder of A Vietcong by Saigon Police Chief (Vietnam, 1968) © Associated Press; see AP web page: http://www.ap.org/pages/history/timeline/1965.htm

General Loan's obituary from The New York Times, July 16, 1998:

Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the quick-tempered South Vietnamese national police commander whose impromptu execution of a Viet Cong prisoner on a Saigon street in the Tet offensive of 1968 helped galvanize American public opinion against the war, died on Tuesday at his home in Burke, Va. He was 67 and had operated a pizza parlor in nearby Dale City.

A son, Larry Nguyen, said the cause was cancer.

In a long war that claimed two million lives, the death of a single Viet Cong official would hardly have seemed noteworthy, especially in a week when thousands of insurgents were killed mounting an offensive that included the beheading of women and children in Saigon.

But when Brig. Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan raised his pistol on Feb. 1, 1968, extended his arm and fired a bullet through the head of the prisoner, who stood with his hands tied behind his back, the general did so in full view of an NBC cameraman and an Associated Press photographer.

And when the film was shown on television and the picture appeared on the front pages of newspapers around the world, the images created an immediate revulsion at a seemingly gratuitous act of savagery that was widely seen as emblematic of a seemingly gratuitous war.

The photograph, by Eddie Adams, was especially vivid, a frozen moment that put a wincing face of horror on the war. Taken almost at once with the squeeze of the trigger, the photo showed the prisoner, unidentified and wearing black shorts and a plaid shirt, in a final grimace as the bullet passed through his brain. Close examination of the photo, which won a Pulitzer Prize in 1969, showed the slug leaving his head.

For all the emotional impact, the episode had little immediate influence on on the tide of American involvement in the war, which continued seven years longer, until the evacuation of Saigon in 1975. Indeed, it was four years after the execution that another indelible image of the war created a new round of revulsion, the sight of a screaming 9-year-old as she ran naked along a road after having been burned in a South Vietnamese napalm attack.

The execution changed General Loan's life.

One of the 11 children of a prosperous mechanical engineer, Mr. Loan was born in Hue. He graduated near the top of his class at the University of Hue and begun a career as a jet pilot in the South Vietnamese Air Force. As a close friend of Nguyen Cao Ky, the swashbuckling pilot who became Premier in 1965, Mr. Loan, then a colonel, was put in charge of the national police and gained an immediate reputation among Western reporters for his temper and rages at the scenes of Viet Cong attacks on civilian targets.

Some of those who knew him said General Loan would not have carried out the prisoner execution if reporters and photographers had not been at the scene.

Mr. Loan insisted that his action was justified because the prisoner had been the captain of a terrorist squad that had killed the family of one of his deputy commanders.

Even so the killing and other summary executions by the South's military in the Tet offensive drew immediate rebukes from American officials. A few days after the incident, Mr. Ky, who had become Vice President, said the prisoner had not been in the Viet Cong military but was "a very high ranking" political official.

Mr. Loan later suggested that the execution had not been the rash act it might have appeared to be but had been carried out because a deputy commander he had ordered to shoot had hesitated. "I think, 'Then I must do it,' " he recounted. "If you hesitate, if you didn't do your duty, the men won't follow you."

Vo Suu, a cameraman at the scene for NBC News, recalled that immediately after the shooting the general had walked over to a reporter and said, "These guys kill a lot of our people, and I think Buddha will forgive me."

When General Loan was severely wounded while charging a Viet Cong hideout three months later and taken to Australia for treatment, there was such an outcry there against him that he was moved to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, where he was repeatedly denounced in Congress.

Back in Saigon, Mr. Loan, who had been relieved of his command after having been wounded, seemed a changed man, devoting time to showering presents on orphans. At the fall of Saigon his pleas for American help in fleeing were ignored. But he and his family escaped in a South Vietnamese plane.

After his presence in the United States became known there was a move to deport him as a war criminal. But the efforts fizzled, and Mr. Loan, whose right leg had been amputated, settled in northern Virginia, where he eventually opened his pizzeria, which he operated until 1991 when publicity about his past led to a sharp decline in business. As a message scrawled on a restroom wall put it, "We know who you are."

In addition to his son, who also lives in Burke, Mr. Loan is survived by his wife, Chinh Mai; a daughter, Nguyen Anh of Fairfield, Va.; three other children, a brothers and sisters and nine grandchildren.

Copyright: The New York Times

-- Ve.m wanna try to stretch their dick to reach 20" long, and do the blow job :))))) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 28, 2005.

Cái bọn tham nhũng hút máu loại này th́ chết cha chúng hết đi là phải lẽ rồi...TỰ TỬ như tên này là một sự tự nhận lỗi, một sự ăn năn đền tội với nhân dân. Nhưng TIẾC rắng >>NÓ VẪN C̉N "SỐNG ? " ..... Đúng lư ra những tên chóp bu trong bộ lănh đạo đảng CSVN phải TỰ TỬ chết hết để làm gương cho các đảng viên trong đảng.........

-- (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), February 28, 2005.

Nhan quyen la su xa xi cua nhung ke no du.

Đúng, v́ những kẻ no đủ là ai? Đó là những thằng lănh đạo CSHN, chúng đang được ngồi trên đầu dân, ăn cướp của dân, và được luật pháp của chúng bảo vệ.

Tu do la su day doa vinh vien.

Đúng, cái danh tự "tự do" trong cái xă hội CSHN là :

Tự do bị bốt lột, tự do bị bỏ tù, tự do bị chụp mũ phản động, tự do bị chà đạp nhân phẩm, tự do bị bốc lột. . . . đó là quyền lợi của bọn CSHN đối với dân chúng Việt Nam.

Ôi dân Việt Nam ơi chỉ v́ ngây thơ tin lời dụ dỗ "đập lập, tự do, hạnh phúc, ấm no." của ác tặc Hồ mà ra nông nỗi này!

-- thich du thu (toollovers@comcast.net), February 28, 2005.

HAY QUA'....

DUNG' QUA'....



-- Du ma' thang` cho' Ho chi' Minh (Du ma thang Ho chi Minh@Hanoi.vn), February 28, 2005.




-- (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), February 28, 2005.

Hỡi những tên c̣n hồ hỡi thương tiếc cho bọn ngư dân bị chệt cộng giết.Hăy nh́n kỹ bức h́nh đi, MNVN có hằng triệu em như vậy,bởi ai ? bởi súng đạn Nga Tàu, bởi những tên cha ông bọn ngư dân Thanh Hoá vô ăn cướp MNVN dưới mỹ từ giải phóng.

-- thich du thu (toollovers@comcast.net), February 28, 2005.

Nhan quyen la su xa xi cua nhung ke no du - Tu do la su day doa vinh vien

-- noname (dovietanh1978@vietnam.com), February 28, 2005

Dung la ly luan cua nhung ten ngu xuan!

Vi ly do nay nen bon cong san luon lam cho dong bao ta nghoe xo xac de khong con hoi suc noi den nhan quyen; de suot doi lam no le. No le cho tau chet!

-- Tu do la su day doa vinh vien Dung la ngu hon mot con cho! Tat ca moi sinh vat tren the gian nay deu muon co tu do. Tha song trong su doa day cua tu do con hon su tu do cua cong san; thu tu do cua nhung ten no le. No le tau chet!

Noi tom lai, day la ly luan cua nhung ten no le moi ro.

-- Viet Quoc Nhan (vietquocnhan@yahoo.com), February 28, 2005.

"Nhan quyen la su xa xi cua nhung ke no du"

Kho rach ao om khong can nhan quyen? What the heck.

"Tu do la su day doa vinh vien"

Can co giai thoat - thien dang va dia nguc. Thien dang XHCN is one of them? What the hell.

-- You knew, I knew, we knew, they didn't know (taone@saigon.vn), March 01, 2005.

Thiên đường cộng sản có thật không ?

Có thật 100% tại nước CHXHCN.

Những kẻ sống trong thiên đường cộng sản được ǵ?

Đưọc: rượu ngon, gái đẹp, xe hơi, nhà lầu, tiền hằng triệu đôn trong nhân hàng, tự do bóc lột, giết, bỏ tù những người khác, bảo vệ bởi luật pháp của chúng. . . . .

Ai được sống trong thiên đường cộng sản?

80 triệu dân Việt chỉ được nh́n, chừng 1,2 triệu được hửi và chỉ có khoảng 300.000 tên thực sự được sống trong cái thiên đường đó.

-- thich du thu (toollovers@comcast.net), March 01, 2005.

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