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2005 Has been an incredible year so far for the hardcore community, we have seen many old faces come out, new innovations on the old, and an abundance of people in attendance!

His records are played around the world, and honored all over Europe! On April 16th Guerilla Productions is proud to bring you Americas number one ranked Upfront Hardcore Producer SUNRIZE, as well as an introductory set by Chicagos own turntablist hardcore renegade ELEKID!

[img]http://g.myspace.com/00032/17/43/32393471_m.jpg[/img] [size=24]SUNRIZE (Pitched Up Recordings, Next Generation UK) -- Boston, MA.[/size]

Maybe 2 years ago you could have said Sunrize would be one of the best "Up and Coming" producers that America has to offer! But not this year! With already well over 16 choons under such labels as Next Generation, Cloned, Blatant Beats, Destructive Force, Pitched Up, and Rave n` Beats im sure you will see he is one of the finest and most thorough of U.S. Upfront Hardcore Producers we have to offer! Coming straight off of his new cd release "This is Noize 2" with Majestic Recordings, please welcome Sunrize to a monumental first ever Atlanta appearance!

[img]http://l00010.myspace.com/00010/67/11/10071176_m.jpg[/img] [size=24]Elekid (Happy Vibe, Poopiehead) -- Chicago, IL.[/size]

Arguably one of the most diverse genre-bleeding Djs to ever come out of Chicago. With 7 years under his belt, and djing in his blood line Elekid is far from a stranger around the decks! Playing at events from coast to coast and most recently invited to play on happyhardcore.com radio his mere skills open the eyes of the blind to hardcore! Lets welcome back Elekid to Atlanta for his second appearance!

Along with...

[size=18]Proximal[/size] (Happy Vibe, Playground, Guerilla Underground) -- Atlanta, GA.

[size=18]Raymond Baer[/size]r (Happy Vibe, Playground, Guerilla Underground} -- Chicago, IL.

[size=18]Sid Reflux[/size] (Playground) -- Atlanta, GA.

[size=18]Spunkie[/size] (Playground) -- Atlanta, GA.

[size=18]Zan[/size] (Sonic Geometry) -- Atlanta, GA.

.: Point of impact :. || Atlanta, GA. || .: Time of impact :. || April 16th, 2005 || .: Damage of impact :. || $5.00 || .: For directions and officila invite email below :. .: ProxiDelight@hotmail.com :. .: JungleAK47@aol.com :.

[img]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Proximal/Flyer.jpg[/img] [img]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Proximal/SunrizeFlyer.jpg[/img]

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2005

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