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Hello guys,today when i looked down at my instrument panel i noticed the rpm indicator does not work or the digital display. I was wondering if anybody has had this problem before,, ps my warning lights still work and the instrument panel background lights still work also. the bike no longer does the self test when you turn the bke on also. I own a 2000 model s4 1 +1,,, thankyou

-- steve foskolos (, February 27, 2005


PS a wiring manual or workshop manual download site would be appreciated in my troubleshooting.

-- steve (, February 27, 2005.

ps could anyone supply me with a wring diagram or workshop manual URL. thankyou

-- steve (, February 27, 2005.

try the yahoo groups, they have a manual that you can download, oh and there is also one on

-- jacob (, February 27, 2005.

You could also try what we pilots do when we do not get a reading on instruments. Just tap on the panel but not hard enough to break it. see if that works

-- Clifford Proctor (, February 28, 2005.

Steve, as it's not sweeping the dial during the self test it sounds like there is a problem within the speedo rather than the RPM sensor on the engine. I remeber someone saying they blew an internal fuse in the speedo by fitting their battery the wrong way round. I don't know what sytoms this produced so is just a thaught. Speedo's do come up on ebay sometimes, it may be your cheepest option.

-- Mark M (, March 02, 2005.

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