...PHAM DUY ve^` tha(m Vietnam, sai hay -du'ng ????

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On 26 Feb 2005 14:08:49 -0800, "A^'y, ghie^`n ho^`i na`o O hay :))"


: :

FWD Lytong va` chu+?i nhau :)))) for Doc. :Xin cu. PhamDuy la`m 1 ba?n nha.c cho LT va` ban :nha.c Booh De OhmLaws giu+.t cho+i

:))) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xin mo+`i anh Veeveo ve^` tha(m que^ cu~ La`o Kay, Lang So+n, Ye^n Ba'i mo^.t chu't:



SONGNAMTHI O^ng ta`i xe^' tre? tuo^?i chi? cho chu'ng to^i bie^'t la` nhi`n qua cu+?a xe, chu'ng to^i ddang chu+'ng kie^'n vie^.c ngu+o+`i Ta^`u qua so^ng a(n ca('p cho^m cho^m cu?a Vie^.t Nam dde^? cho+? ve^` Trung Quo^'c ba(`ng camion !


LAOKAY "Chie^`u o+i ! Lu'c chie^`u ve^` mo.c a'nh tra(ng to+, Co^ na`ng ve^` dde^? suo^'i tu+o+ng tu+ O+'i chie^`u..." http://www.phamduy.org/vietnam/images/tamsuoi.jpg

TAM SUOI http://www.phamduy.org/vietnam/nhanvat.html

CHECK OUT Xe ho+i ddu+a chu'ng to^i va`o Dinh Thu? Tu+o+'ng, tru+o+'c dda^y la` va(n pho`ng cu?a Tra^`n Thie^.n Khie^m\. Cuo^.c ga(.p go+~ ra^'t bi`nh di., kho^ng co' gi` la` kie^?u ca'ch\. O^ng Kie^.t dda~i bo^' con to^i mo^.t bu+~a co+m tru+a vo+'i mo'n a(n ma` to^i thi'ch nha^'t la` sushi\. To^i kho^ng ngo+` ra(`ng o+? Vie^.t Nam la.i co' mo^.t thu+' ca' co' nhie^`u tru+'ng ca' dde^'n the^'\. DDi kha('p ho`an ca^`u, ke^? ca? Nha^.t Ba?n la` no+i mo'n a(n cu?a da^n to^.c la` ca' so^'ng, to^i cu~ng chu+a bao gio+` ddu+o+.c ne^'m mo'n ca' ma` o^ng cu+.u Thu? Tu+o+'ng dda~ the^'t gia ddi`nh to^i ho^m ddo'\.



BAN BE Trong cuo^'n HO^`I KY' vu+`a ke^?, to^i chu+a no'i to+'i chuye^.n Pha.m Vie^'t dda~ co' la^`n da('t hai dda`n em cu?a mi`nh la` Pha.m Nghe^. va` Lu+u Tua^'n (1) -- ca? hai dde^`u la` ca'n bo^. va(n nghe^. -- to+'i tha(m to^i ta.i Chie^'n khu Tu+ o+? Thanh Ho'a\. Va` chuye^.n sau kha'ng chie^'n, trong hai chu? tru+o+ng chi'nh tri. tha^n Nga hay tha^n Ta^`u, Pha.m Vie^'t bi. phe tha^n Ta^`u ba('t giam ro^`i che^'t vi` be^.nh na(.ng\. (2)

Ca? gia ddi`nh Pha.m Vie^'t tie^'p to^i nhu+ mo^.t ngu+o+`i tha^n, va('ng nha` ra^'t la^u, nay tro+? ve^`\. Khi xu+a nha` to^i va` nha` Vie^'t chi? ca'ch nhau mo^.t da^~y pho^' nga('n, chu'ng to^i cho+i vo+'i nhau tu+` nga`y mo+'i le^n 5, le^n10\. To^i co`n ddu+o+.c Pha.m Vie^'t ga'n cho to^i la` ''ngu+o+`i ye^u'' cu?a chi. la` chi. Bu't\. Ro^`i hai chu'ng to^i co`n ga(.p nhau trong va` sau kha'ng chie^'n du` mo^~i ngu+o+`i dde^`u dda~ co' rie^ng mo^.t nga? ddu+o+`ng kha'c nhau dde^? ma` ''ddu+o+`ng ta ta cu+' ddi''\.

-- Read, dont want to read, then chu+?i :)))) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 26, 2005


hehehe POOH POOH POOH copy from POOH Did you ask him yet ????

-- (XTC@shotmail.com), February 26, 2005.

Vinh quang Tổ quốc chng ta Nước Việt nam dn chửi cộng hai! Vinh quang Hồ Ch Minh, ch của chng ta ngn năm sống mi trong quần chng ta Quyết chiến quyết thắng, cờ đỏ sao vng chi đt vẹm

-- bo bo (mystyle@fyi2me.com), February 26, 2005.


Booh De Fugu signature rite here :

:))) ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Xin mo+`i anh Veeveo ve^` tha(m que^ cu~ La`o Kay, Lang So+n, Ye^n Ba'i mo^.t chu't:


Hehehehe , XTC , dont plug red carrot to my belly button :)))

-- Now VAS' members know the DOMINO effect :))) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 26, 2005.

-- (XTC@shotmail.com), February 26, 2005.

-- Have a fun :))) (CHuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 26, 2005.

ề nghị CTHN c COPY/PASTE ci g th nn bỏ ra 1 t th giờ COMPOSE lại cho reader đễ đọc, lm sao cho gọn ghẽ.

Thứ nhất l tn trọng readers

Thứ hai l bảo đảm readers chẳng ai thm đọc những g anh đ post..v nhứt mắt khng thể dọc được...tốn cng ng anh bỏ th giờ ra COPY/PASTE

Thứ ba...WASTE BandWidth

-- Kẻ Sĩ Bắc H (ke_si_bac_ha@yahoo.com), February 26, 2005.


VietNet / ASCII font last 4 EVER, no UTF-* oe Western or Window font :)))))

-- Wanna co`mple^n, write to Bush :))))) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 26, 2005.

OK ..It's fine yourself...I'm still standing and patient !!!!

Ra đường anh gặp 1 thằng Mễ, th anh ni tiếng g vậy?? cỏn English/ Vietnamese/ Chệt/ African???


Have U been under any team work so far???

-- Kẻ Sĩ Bắc H (ke_si_bac_ha@yahoo.com), February 26, 2005.


Have U been under any team work so far???

-- Kẻ Sĩ Bắc H (ke_si_bac_ha@yahoo.com), February 26, 2005.


Oh yeah, collect $$ to help ChienSi VNCH under CBA News, O^ Anh (ChuBaAnh)-da~ qua' co^' khoa?ng 5 na(m nay, he was my Principle in Dalat city

ThaiBinhXuanLoc , we, our group run like hell to promote the event of uprsising , VietTan knew me too :)))

Lytong, oh yeah, when I made my web-site for him, lot of people send email to me to great

PS: My group sellect one day in the week for Pho+? and chat, no JOKE

Not now OK, life slide like mud slide, we R still here :)))

PS2: Jobs/career team work, sure do, we all catch the conferences and make sure the date will be out for company product , I am Mechanical Designer , E/M for 20 yrs :))))

I'd learned lot of strategies, thdt's why I am strange and kha'c bie^.t rite here :))) so far , my Web-Shot site, I locked those worked and Projects, so no one can see , all kind of projects, my real name, business card etc ....

Cheers :)

PS3: You can ask Mrs, DieuChan to verify :)))

-- Dont compair , do yours, I do mine :))) Things change rapidly :))) (ChuyenTriHOINACH@aol.com), February 26, 2005.

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