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there is a gentlemen by the name of jim ahlman who has deleloped various speeo recals for motorcycles. would any of you be interested in having one developed for the mv? i have not done a sprocket change because of unwanted milesand not wanting my speedo being off by 10mph or so. i need someone who has a shop manual that can copy and scan a wiring diagram to him so he can further develop this product.if you have the info please e-mail him @ Jim Ahlman here is his web page as well http://www.jahlmandesign.com/ thanks to those willing to help regards,Jon

-- kingtut73 (jon) (courtlandamala@comcast.net), February 26, 2005


Why not just use the yellow box from Black Robotics ??

-- Matt Thompson (matthewt@nitor.co.nz), February 27, 2005.


i make and sale Speedo recalibrator special for the MV Agusta. Is easy to install and calibrate. See you my Homepage:


Best Regards


-- Jani (kontakt@mvagusta-parts.com), February 28, 2005.

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