Highrise Dumbwaiter Controls

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Hi There, I would like to know who has the best 15 to 25 story DW traction controls now days that have almost no control equipment in the hatch. Working on those little cabs can be dangerous and sometimes 3 people are needed for some very difficult tasks and expensive. I think the magnetic doors equipment is enough to deal with without other control equipment to have to work on.

The old otis selector tapes made alot of sence but those days are history and most DW have programable electronic tape selectors or leveling units and vanes or some type of optic device that gets covered with lint. There should be some type of simple 1/8 cable car to cwt cable drum arragement with the drum in the machine room with an encoder mounted on it.

Then use an off the shelf plc controler and maybe IPC drive units so all you have to deal with is the 1/8 cable once in a while in the hatch. The job specific call and send dispatching would be perfect for a plc and when the company who sold it goes out of bussiness you can still reprogram it when conditions change.

Matot was using the IDEC Micro for a while but not sure whats sold for DW these days. Thanks for your help, Jim

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.com), February 26, 2005

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