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Hello everybody!

I saw the movie on TV recently, and it left me wondering (I am not the only one i guess), so I wanted to know what do you think about the connection between Jack and Rose.

1.) Is it possible to have a love so strong as James C. wanted us to see in real life without all those obstacles? I think that if two of them were in the same class, if Rose was available and if there was no disaster, they would probably be just friends. They fall in love before the disaster, of course, but there are first two obstacles left which I mentioned.

2.) How did they fall in love? I think Jack fall fo Rose on a first sight, he was physically attracted to a beautifull young women. But what did Rose feel for Jack, when did it happen and how? They had fun during the dinner and during the dance, is it all, is it all that it takes? Or maybe Rose fall for Jack after the gym conversation when he shows that he cares about her? Was that really enough for her to kiss him so passionately, to make her want him draw her nude, and to feel for him so strong it made her pull him on top of her in the car and do their stuff? (for the first time, I guess). I think, in real life if someone just opened your eyes to the real world like that, you would probably be friends, not so passionate lovers. What do you think? Either way, it seemed to happen in about 24 hours. (Between the scene where Rose came to talk with Jack on promenade and the flying scene). Is it because they were mentally attracted to each other during their conversations? And they actually had only a couple of hours of happiness (From the flying scene until the iceberg hits the ship).

Looking forward to reading your thoughts...

-- Tomislav (, February 25, 2005


Now, onto your second question. How did they fall in love? Jack was instantly attracted to her when he saw her, but it all really started when she tried to jump. He saved her and the way he did it, not just forcing her over, put convincing her that she didnít want to kill herself, made her realize that he was a kind person. And with her doing that, he realized that she was more than just a first class chick. Also, they had common interests. Rose was obsessed with art, and Jack was an artist. That was what sparked the attraction. Also, a small part of it was indeed rebelling on Rose's part. She hated her 1st class life and wanted to express herself. She could do that with Jack. She really was able to see into Jack's soul at dinner, and at the party they realized how much fun they could have together.

The whole nude drawing thing was actually intended to be a parting gift for Cal. That's why she left it in the safe with that note. But the whole "im flying" scene was when they realized that they were in love. They were friends, true. They could talk to each other about things and so on. But just because they were best friends, did not mean they could not be passionate lovers. Because they were. When you think about it, it was probably very hard for them to stand next to each other, because they always had the impulse to kiss.

Plainly put, they were soul mates (hence the whole last scene with them together in heaven). They were perfect for each other, only fate had other plans.

I would suggest watching the movie a second time. That way you can pay attention to these things more.

I hope this helped answer your questions. ~Abby~

-- Abby (, March 01, 2005.

U guys, it is only a movie so why do u care so much about this fictional love? It is only a fictional love story. it never happened and there never was a real jack and rose! so get over it! please!

-- adam (, March 03, 2005.

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