SPR Owners! I need some advice.

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Hey guys. I am a current owner of a 2002 F4 1+1 and am looking to upgrade to a SPR. I wast something a little faster and better handling for track days. Plus the exclusivity of the SPR as weel as the look are attractive aspects as well. What I need to know is just how bad is the every day drivability of the SPR compared to the standard F4? Although track time with the SPR will happen quite often I still want a bike that is relatively drivable on normal roads. As far as the tall first gear, just how "tall" is it? Does it become problematic when riding in stop and go city/town traffic? Any advice you guys can pass on to me would be great.

-- David P. Galleo (dgalleo@mac.com), February 25, 2005


I have had my SPR for almost a year and have adapted a few of the annoying niggles... The main one is the tall gearing I dropped 2 teeth on the front sprocket, which now makes it "quite lively" but saves the annoyance of constantly slipping the clutch. Top end is now about 150 and on the uk circuits that has only been a problem at Snetteton. As for driveability the sprocket is all you really need to do.... if you want to go the whole hog get a power commander fitted and rip the internals out of the pipes, mine now produces 132bhp at the rear wheel< combine that with the awesome brakes, handling and now the mid range (due to the lower gearing) punch, you will be seeing off most 1000cc owners !!! Buy one... it is an awesome experience.....

-- mark (markandkirstie@btinternet.com), February 25, 2005.

david drop me an email are you in the states?

-- kingtut73 jon (courtlandamala@comcast.net), February 25, 2005.

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