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Can anyone give me any info or where to look? I am interested in what engines would have been in use for freight and passenger service in the areas of Raleigh west thru Durham, Hillsborough, Burlington to Charlotte in the 40's to mid 50's or so. Also any info on what type of passenger coach would have been in use in this area. Any info is greatly appreciated. jim

-- JAMES L. TURNER (jlturner007@nc.rr.com), February 22, 2005



I was born in Graham, NC in 1936 beside the Greensboro-Goldsboro Line, called the NC Line because it was part of the leased North Carolina Railroad. I began an interest in the railroad in 1948. At that time there were four freight trains (two each way) between Spencer and Selma, with a connection to Norfolk (Pinners Point) over the ACL. Those trains had 4800 Ms-4s in steam days. 4800s also handled a local frieght each way between Greensboro and Goldsboro. A turn around local operated out of Pomona Yard (Greensboro) to East Durham Yard with a light Ms Mikado, and served Chapel Hill-Carrboro over the State University Railroad from Glenn. Four Passenger trains (two each way) between Greensboro and Goldsboro were handled by 1300 Ps-4s. The Carolina Special was handled by Ps-4s from Greensboro to Goldsboro, until an A-B F-3 set took over in November 1947. When diesels left for awile in 1950, often the Carolina Special had a Mountain 4-8-2. In June 1949 F-unit diesels took over the Spencer- Selma trains, usually with three units. They went away in late 1950 due to a coal miner's strike. After a few diesels in April 1951, GP- 7s dieselized all the trains in May. That was two units on Spencer- Selma trains, and single units on Greensboro-Goldsboro trains. Later Alco-GE road switchers replaced the GP-7s. There was no direct passenger service off the Line to Charlotte. You would have had to change at Greensboro with a mainline passenger train, and freight service would have been provided on Charlotte Division trains out of Spencer. I hope this will help you. If I can be of further assistance email me.

J. Marvin Black

-- J. Marvin Black (sr6100diesel@bigfoot.com), February 24, 2005.


I forgot to mentioned the passenger equipment. I did not pay a lot of attention to it, but I did make some pictures. One that I made in July 1951 of the morning Greensboro-Goldsboro train shows GP-7 2165, a mail car, two baggage cars, a combine, a heavyweight coach, and a lightweight sleeper. The sleeper was set off at Raleigh and went back on the evening train for a connection with The Crescent the best I remember. Of course, these consists changed over the years. That trains was the last one on the NC Line and I believe only had only three, maybe four, cars when it was finally cut off in August 1964. It had been cut off before but the Southern had to put it back for awhile.


-- J. Marvin Black (sr6100diesel@bigfoot.com), February 24, 2005.

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