Cenia Elevator Controller Drawing

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We have an CENIA make traction elevator severving for 5 stops under our maintenance, but we don't have the controller drawing for the same. The Variable Frequency drive used for the unit is VFA-18, Can any one give the controller wiring diagram and field wiring for the same.

Regards S.Sivakumar

-- S.Sivakumar (ssivakumar@starelevators.com), February 22, 2005


Youn should call Cenia Ascensores in Spain, I do not recall the website.

-- oscar Llamuca (OSCARLLAM@YAHOO.COM), March 07, 2005.

HI THERE,THIS IS THE aSCENSORES cENIA pHONE #34 943 447400, fAX#349434425

-- Oscar Llamuca (OSCARLLAM@YAHOO.COM), March 07, 2005.

If you do not have answer from CENIA you can contact THYSSEN in your country is same company.


-- Eva (instok@wanadoo.fr), March 11, 2005.

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