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Bridgfords estate agents phoned and asked if we were interested in buying a repossessed house (now owned by Northern Rock on at 79,950). We looked and made 2 offers. 75k - refused. Then we offered asking price 79,950. We had to chase Bridgfords for a response. They said there had been a mix up and that the solicitors acting for northern rock never agreed on this sale price of 79,950. We asked where this figure had come from and asked for formal letters of offer rejection from bridgfords only to be asked why we wanted them. The sales person said she didn't appreciate being told how to do her job. We are still waiting for a response from bridgfords. Is something odd going on here? I think it would be better if we could talk to the solicitor directly but bridgfords won't disclose any info.

-- joe lydiate (, February 21, 2005


The Northern Rock is obliged to obtain the best possible price for the house, it might be that there is a lot of interest in it and rightly so, they will hold out for the best price.

-- Moira (, February 23, 2005.


Or it might be that the lender has obtained possession as a consequence of fraud and cannot sell the poor mortgage victim's property for fear of the consequences. I know from my own experience that it happens. Will the courts listen? No of course they won't after all these Banks are pillars of society with too much money to lose whereas we mortgage victims only lose our homes. Although the really pathetic dimwits commit suicide. So Joe don't let anything stop you from pursuing your bargin. You've got nothing to lose.

-- Mortgage Victim (, February 24, 2005.

Re; those victims committing suicide...

Your response is really insensitive to say the least...not the kind of remark we want to have on this site.


-- Moira (, February 24, 2005.


You have missed the point Mortgage Victim is on the good guys side and was simply being ironic.

-- (, February 24, 2005.

I agree with Moira, but sometimes people are in such an emotional state that irony is mistaken for ignorance. For all the people out there who do respond, please keep to the point as stress levels do tend to make people acutely over-sensitive!

-- peter (, February 24, 2005.


Then speak your mind and place the blame for the stress suffered by 1000's of mortgage victims out there well and truly where it belongs ie with the unregulated Banks and Building Societies. Don't preach to someone who through no fault on my part or that of my husband was evicted from my home. Some twelve months later despite numerous offers and potential buyers the Bank has not seen fit to sell the property. Now that's stress and I'm thankful for my husband's strength of character as he continues to seek justice against overwhelming odds.

-- (, February 25, 2005.

Hey Lyn, we are all fighting a battle against the Banks and each of us deal with it in our own way; if it helps to stop one person thinking that suicide is an only option, then I am pleased that your family have managed to overcome those "demons on your shoulder". But there are so many people who "freeze", cannot act and seek desperate measures to try and remove a problem, and I am grateful to the many people on this site who have taken time to offer help, that I too, am not such a statistic. That's all!.

-- peter (, February 25, 2005.


Thank you. My sentiments exactly. However, you should be aware that it was my husband that posted the controversial comment. He has been involved in litigation with NAT WEST BANK now owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (or as he prefers to call it "in search of justice") since 1992. In hindsight he accepts that his comment may have adversely effected those facing the early stages of being hounded out of their home. He apologises unreservedly for making light of their problems. He would like to do more to help those effected by debt (especially if they have a strong case). However, until the Banks are regulated most of us are, as the Bank's money grabbing lawyers take delight in informing the courts, bound to fail. For obvious reasons I hope that he doesn't. Who knows someday the media and the government might just stop placing pelf ahead of justice and make the banks accountable for the draconian lengths they go to when you allegedly owe them 600.00.

-- (, February 26, 2005.

The question is not which solicitor acts for Northern Rock. All repossessions are secretly loved by our finance houses, in most cases the equity will outstrip any debt, by holding the propery and it being known that it is a repossession thus creating auction fever and the chance of a bargain, the woodwork opens every would be speculator by to let builder has a crack, usually culminating in a price way above any realistic valuation. The Estsate Agents are well versed in non diclose and easy fees

-- Adrian Ratcliffe (, March 04, 2005.

Whilst on the subject I deal daily with clients who freeze when possession orders land on doorsteps,9 out of 10 ordinary clients have made phone calls to lenders but have no documented evidence and no financial statement prepared to back there circumstances up. Any judge has little option other than to proceed with the repo. The fact that anyone can be bankt for the princley sum of 750 helps the cause aolong well.

-- Adrian Ratcliffe (, March 04, 2005.

No spell check on here. Any questions regarding property repo and debt can be bounced over me 24/7 the suicide comment to my mind should never enter the equation taking time to look at the solutions that are available insted of worrying which is a waste of constructive time. The banktrupcy association deals exceptionally well with all questions over the last 20 years for 15 membership. Regards Adrian

-- Adrian Ratcliffe (, March 04, 2005.

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