Kone MG28 Gearless machine

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I am looking for a new shaft for a Kone MG 28 gearless machine. Kone here in Toronto was unable to source one. Any one have one from a mod or otherwise. Need a price asap.

-- Rob Wagner (rla.wagner@smpatico.ca), February 21, 2005


Good Luck

KONE have problems finding replacements now.

-- Bob (SusanAE@bigpond.com), March 03, 2005.

Kone in Australia heave had problems with armature shafts breaking on Leroy Sumer machines between armature and drive sheave. One machine was out of service for eight months while they tried to source a replacement shaft from the manufacturer. The outcome was to source the manufacturers drawing of the shaft and have it made locally. The old armature shaft was turned out in a lathe and not pressed out as this would distort the armature. The new shaft was installed sucessfully into the old armature. The manufacturer of the original armature were slow and reluctant to part with drawings for a new armature shaft.

-- Bald Eagle (baldeagle50au@yahoo.com.au), March 05, 2005.

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