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Doe anyone have any information on two wrecks that accured in Morrisville, North Carolina, the first in 1908 and the second in 1930/34? Does anyone know where I can locate the accident investigation reports for these wrecks? Morrisville was on the Southern Railway's Greensboro-Goldsboro branch. Thank you.

Douglas Jonas

-- Douglas Jonas (, February 19, 2005



An index for accidents reports for the Danville Division shows a twenty-six car derailment at Morrisville, NC on April 28, 1933 which cause estimated damage of $33,357.44. An archbar truck on SOU 118925 broke. Those kinds of derailments did not get reported by the ICC. There would have had to be fatalities, a number of injuries, and excessive property damage to have a printed report. This is all the information that I have. You might find a write-up in the Raleigh News and Observer.

I have no records for reports as far back as 1908. I hope this helps you some though.

Marvin Black

-- J. Marvin Black (, March 02, 2005.

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