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Is it possible to get the Survivors List on the ACL SAL HS web site back to where members can enter the information themselves? Maybe password protect it like this board? I've sent Ron Wright several updates months ago, along with some recent follow-up emails with no response, no offense toward Ron, he's probably real busy. I enjoyed being able to enter the information myself and to enter comments on other entries. I would especially like to get some of the caboose numbers updated and more cabooses listed.

Larry Platt

-- Larry Platt (, February 19, 2005


I agree with Larry. In addition to being able to add equipment, correcting errors needs to be available to some extent. There have been some gremlins at work that have resulted in incorrect information showing up where the correct info once was. In particular (since I originally posted the info) is ACL RPO 13 which is now shown as a round-end obs. One of the listings (can't remember which) has a whole string of entries attached to it, rather than just the one you click on.

One comment I have about the additions of equipment listings is that some tend to be nothing other than "ACL/SAL XXXXX, builder, date etc. unknown", unknown this and that, and no other data entered. At least take the time to research the piece a bit before posting it. If you don't have the resources to research it, post a generic question about it in the Q&A. Survivors is not intended to be the place to ask questions about a particular item. That's what Q&A is for. I bet you would get a flood of info you could then condense into the Survivors entry.

I have noticed more entries with a photo attached. This is a very helpful addition, and I'd like to know how to add them.

Just my 2 cents worth.

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (, February 25, 2005.

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