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Ha ha ha When a man have some education, he want to become a Prime Minister or a Phylosopher.

If you are a real Vietnam person, put you in the position of one Vietnam minister with your best field of knowledge and find the right answer.

Finding faults will find out faults.


Ha ha ha

I feel sorry for you to have no education about Vietnam 4000 year culture. You are some poor guys having no ancestor, poor guys fucking his motherland. Everyone have a country to proud of, Do you really have enough education to have any country for that?

Ha ha ha

-- Young Marxist (, February 18, 2005


Chú Young Marxist cũng thích viết bằng tiếng Anh tiếng Em đấy nhỉ. Nhưng sai cú pháp nhiều quá. Anh giúp chú nhé.

Ha ha ha (this is not English)

When a man have (has not have OK) some education, he want (wants not want OK) to become a Prime Minister or a Phylosopher. (by the way this sentence is unclear, chú mày có bằng câp ǵ không vậy?)

If you are a real (true not real OK) Vietnam person (Vietnamese is enough), put you (yourself not you) in the (a not the) position of one (a not one) Vietnam (Vietnamese is better) minister with your best field of knowledge (this is not English) and find the right answer (this sentence is poorly structured, viết thế này sao mà ḥa nhập với thế giới được)

Finding faults will find out faults. (what is this?)

DO YOU SEE SOMETHING ELSE WHEN YOU FIND THE FAULTS? (too vague...chẳng hợp nhất với những ǵ chú nói ở trên)

Ha ha ha

I feel sorry for you to have no education about Vietnam 4000 year culture. You are some poor guys having no ancestor, poor guys fucking his motherland. Everyone have a country to proud of, Do you really have enough education to have any country for that? (giời ơi chán chú quá, sai nhiều thế này ai có thời gian mà sửa được)

Ha ha ha (chú cười như thể chú là bậc hiền sỹ trong phim Hồng Kông, nói một câu cười một câu. Nhưng bắt chước hiền sỹ là bắt chước cái đầu chứ không phải cười măi là tưởng ḿnh giỏi, chú hiểu chứ)

-- (, February 18, 2005.

Hey Young Marx. You do not understand what you are talking baout boy. The Vietnamese Prime Minister or Chair man of VNCCP are the people that many World Organization such as IMF, World Bank, Corporates have mentioned about these Vietnamese in-competent leaders who khow nothing about how to run a government and manage it as a system with integrity.

There have been so much of corruption at all level, mismanage the Company, the resources, balancing the Book, the Budget and on and on.

They are not fit to run the country. Being Revolutionary, it does not ensure that the individual is capable of runing a bureacratic systems these are vital for a nation to survive and progress.

Vietnamese current leaders lack a whole lots of skills and talents to help VietNam being better off from poverty.

-- (Viet Nhan @ FILSONS.NET), February 18, 2005.

Excuse me for stepping in and interrupting. I believe one should be merciless when correcting grammatical errors, but forgiving and constructive in commenting on them. Anybody in this forum who has had considerable experience with English should feel sympathetic, not critical, of [young marxist]. Remember the days when you were struggling to write your first paper, to take your first exam, to hold your first public presentation? (:

GetReal is mostly correct. I will only add a few points:

1) “Ha ha ha” is ok, IMO. I have seen them being used amply in comics and cartoons. Very colloquial, but “Peanuts” says it all the time.

2) “Philosopher” instead of “Phylosopher” – Spelling mistake.

3) “put yourself in the position of” is correct! The definite article “the” must be used. See point 4) below:

4) [a] or [one] “Vietnamese Prime Minister” are both wrong (actually, ‘a’ is dead wrong, and ‘one’ is awkward). The reason is that you’ve specified the minister as being Vietnamese, not all ministers in general. Therefore you must use the definite article “the.”

5) Yes this paragraph is unclear. I think I know what you mean, maybe something like this:

“When a man gives up so much/pays so dearly just to obtain an education, he often aspires to be somebody great/inspirational, like a Prime Minister or a philosopher.”

6) Maybe you mean this: “While searching for faults in someone else, one finds faults within himself. Do you see something else (i.e. your own faults) when you find the faults [of the Vietnamese government]?” Since you’re criticizing the anti-communist posters I figure that’s one logical interpretation. Or maybe you’re taking a humanist approach to the problem: you encourage people to see beauty in ugliness, light in darkness, i.e. “Do you also see excellence when you find the faults?”

7) This is my interpretation: "I feel sorry that you have little knowledge of the 4000-year culture of Vietnam. You are some poor guys without ancestors who are just [mindlessly][attacking/degrading/criticizing/destroying??) their (not his) own motherland. Everyone has a country that they can be proud of. Do you really have enough education to even [comprehend/understand] the idea of a country?"

-- Jubinell (Jube@Jube.Jube), February 19, 2005.

Young Marxist,

Do you know what you're talking about? Don't stretch your dick and fuck yourself likes that (CTHN's word :)))). Let think about this situation:

Marxism vs. Motherland, these two things would never be the same polarity, nor they would be emerged together without a river of blood and mountain of corps.

Your words/your ideas reveal that you may have litle education, but it's absolutely not enough for you to laugh "ha ha ha" in this forum. If I was you, I wouldn’t laugh like that since I know I will cry another day. Have you got what I’m saying? If not, take a look at your "fortify of socialism". What had happened to it?

-- (, February 19, 2005.


Dont need education, "Thie'n heo" can become Prime Minister

-- Do Muoi was the master thie'n heo :)))))) (, February 19, 2005.

Đấy Tồng chí chi bua quote : Học cho lắm tắm cũng cởi chuồng như nhộng.

Đỗ mười th́ ngoại nệ : làm thủ tướng nhà nưóc v́ kho6ng ai họan lợn kỷ lục như ngườịi . Thế Đảng mới thưo8ng cho lên làm lănh tụ Hoạn Nợn ở Phủ Thủ Nợn ấy

-- (Sáu Bi Da France @ Sai Gềnh.Net), February 19, 2005.

Thank you Jube for point 3 and point 4. These points are correct.

I did not entirely mean to correct Young Marxist’s grammar errors. What I meant was to let him/her know that whatever (s)he said, (s)he should make it understandable and most importantly, for the welfare of our people in Vietnam.

Tôi muốn viết bằng tiếng Anh nhưng v́ muốn mọi người đọc được tôi viết bằng tiếng Việt. Tôi biết Jube không ủng hộ CS nhưng Jube thích chơi Devil’s Advocate. Điều này theo tôi cũng tốt thôi nhưng cái giữa cái tranh tối tranh sáng, khi mà mọi thứ không rơ ràng, quan điểm của Jube không có lợi cho dân tộc Việt nam.

Chủ nghĩa CS hay CNXH hiện nay ở VN theo tôi chỉ là một tấm b́nh phong cho đảng CS được độc trị. Độc trị mang lại quá nhiều lợi ích cho họ nên họ kiên quyết bảo ve cai che do va the che hien nay, mac du biet rang do khong phai la dieu tot nhat cho dan toc VN. Va de bao ve che do ho khong tu nhung thu doan de hen nhu gan ghep cho nhung nguoi trong nuoc co chinh kien la gian diep, phan dong. De duoc Trung Quoc bao ve ho cam lang truoc viec ngu dan vo toi bi tan sat. De lam vui long Trung Quoc ho lam let bi mat cat dat to tien cho giac. De lua my dan ho tuyen truyen yeu nuoc la yeu dang de ca mot the he tre bi dau doc, ngu hoa.

Dan minh qua cuc kho ve chuyen sinh song, it ai de y den nhung chuyen to lon. Hon nua, ho co tam ly la chuyen to lon da co dang lo roi, dan biet gi ma tham gia?. Cac ban tre trong nuoc thi bi nhoi so khong hieu dan chu tu do thuc su la gi ma cu hieu mot cach qua don gian la My va Viet nam danh nhau, My thua VN thang. Ho chua hieu cai ban chat cua cs va ban chat cua nhung ke lanh dao tai Vietnam. Ho chua hieu duoc cai quyen cua ho, khong phai la song trong su han che, kem kep ma phai duoc tu do co nhung suy nghi cho rieng minh va khong lo so chinh quyen bat bo dan ap.

Dan Viet nam ban chat thong minh, mau hieu nen neu co co hoi tiep can voi su that, ho se hieu su that. Hom nay toi chan tinh mong Jube co nhung dong gop cho cac ban trong nuoc hieu su that, hieu duoc nhung quyen con nguoi ma ho duoc huong.

Don’t be quick-tempered. It's bad for our sentiments of unity against the oppressive regime.

-- (, February 20, 2005.

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