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I only have 7 students at present and 2 are adults. I would like to have my non adult students (5 of them) perform in a recital but it doesnt seem possible as the recital may take less than 20 minutes. Before moving to this small town, I had 27 students and the recitals were always a huge success. Do I wait until I can get more students? Some of the parents are already asking me when their kids are going to perform in a recital and I am honest with them about wanting to grow the studio first. Any suggestions? Should I go ahead and have recital with only 5 students?

-- Marianne Ashton (, February 17, 2005


I'd go for first recital only had 7 students. What I did was bring in a former student as a guest artist. She had gone on to study music at university, majoring in flute, so we played a piano/flute duet. I had her biography all written up in the programme. It was nice that she had been my student in the past, but you could do it with a friend or colleague. Then if you play something yourself that adds a few minutes, too. Even though that recital was only about 20 - 25 minutes, everyone appreciated it. You could even end up getting more students from it, if friends or relatives come.

-- Alice (, February 17, 2005.

I agree with Alice--definitely have a recital! Are you sure that your adult students would not want to participate? Even if they don't, 5 students plus you would still make a nice recital. If you think it will be too short, have everyone play not only solos, but various combinations of duets as well (student-student and student- teacher). You could have each student read a paragraph they've written about why they chose this song, or why they enjoy piano, or tell something about the composer, etc. With just 5 students, it might be fun to have the 5 of them perform something entirely on rhythm instruments too! I think that would be cool! Another possibility would be to invite parents to play a piece, if any of them play piano or another instrument. My first recital had only 5 students in it, and that included 2 sets of siblings so it was only 3 different families. I had that recital in my home, with refreshments afterwards, and it was really a nice event.

-- annie (, February 18, 2005.

Or you could perform at a hospital and have the students interpolate between your performances. Good Luck

-- Anita (, February 18, 2005.

Thanks to all of you who were so kind as to respond to my question. I will definitely consider having a recital this spring...and who knows, maybe I will pick up additional students between now and then. I really like the idea of duets with the students and would love to play myself. I am unable to have the recital in my home as I moved our piano to a spare room to give it more of a studio "feel" and to keep from bothering my husband and 5 year old. Thanks again to all who replied!!!!!

-- Marianne Ashton (, February 18, 2005.


I, too, would give the recital. Have you thought about performing yourself? I know others have done this. What a treat for your students and their families.

-- Lea Johnson (, March 09, 2005.

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