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I'm working on a research paper and my topic is basically a Jungian approach to Hamlet. I haven't quite come up with a concrete thesis statement. The first line in the play, "Who's there?", is central to my idea. This first question leads to the ambiguity of Hamlet's character. I believe I could use Carl Jung's theories about the persona and the shadow to explain Hamlet's madness, the cause of his inability to act, and his relationship to his mother. (My professor doesn't fully appreciate Freud's theories on Hamlet, so I'm trying to shy away from that). If anyone could add to my idea or point me to more sources I would be grateful. Thanks. Here a list of the sources I already have found: A Jungian Approach to Shakespeare: The Compensatory Psyche The Design Within Psyche and Symbol in Shakespeare

-- Adam Zimmerman (, February 17, 2005


hi, sorry that i can't help you. i'm a theater student at Haifa university, isarel. i'm working now on Hamlet's character, and very interested in theories on Hamlet's psychology. it will be a big help if i cuold read the paper you'r working on. is it possible? can you guide me to sources on Freud's theories on Hamlet? thanks, ilan

-- ilan resnik (, March 11, 2005.

Im very interested in your research . plz send the summery of your study to my email box if you can . thanks

-- fereshteh (, March 15, 2005.

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