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Im wondering if its possible to SARN a Building Society and company of Solicitors after the 12 years limtation period has expired. I basically fought and in time just ignored a shortfall claim that was made against me, the amount was for just under 50,000 G.B.P.

The reposession took place in 1991 and was voluntary, after couselling and being advised by the Building Society, the Managers exact words at the time where " memories are very short in this business" unfortunatley, I found out later on that their memories where not at all short.

I contacted the Building Society in 1997, via the telephone to ask what the position was, I was informed by their recovery department that they where not pursuing any monies from me, and that I should go on and buy another home. There was never any suggestion that this phone call was an acceptance of liabillity, in fact they never mentioned it at all.

I never heard anything again until 1999, when I started recieving letters from a firm of solicitors.

As I said I argued my case and in due time began to ignore their coresspondence, and now the 12 years is well and truly up.

I never issued a SARN.

-- James Long (, February 15, 2005


Yes, you can (and should) SARN both of them.

-- (, February 16, 2005.

If the 12 years is up and you havent acknowledged the debt then they will lose in court,

As Curtis did to me they can allways issue a petition for bancruptcy but will not take it to court it is there last attempt to scare you into makeing an offer.

My barrister got Curtis to withdraw there petion and pay all my costs without it going to court they use bluff tactics to scare.

As my Barrister stated the 12 years starts at the 3rd default on your mortgage subject to the origanal mortgage conditions. I was repossed in 1991 see Thread weve beaten Curtis

-- Robin (, February 15, 2005.

Hi repossesions,

I am interested in finding out what information these two organisations have, and if relevant putting that information into the public domain.

Wht do you personally think I should SARN them?

Thank You

-- James Long (, February 18, 2005.

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